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Welcome Back!

23 Nov

Oh how I have missed you!  Life went bonkers for a while and I had to put my little blog on the farthest back burner I have!  Let’s see, I lost my job almost a year ago, spent 6 months as a stay home mom during which time I discovered being a stay home mom is NOT for me!  I landed a new amazing job that I LOVE, however I am working full time for the first time since I was pregnant with Little C, and he’s 4 now so that was a big change for our family!  Trying to juggle working 40-50 hours a week, 2 kids in school, homework, chores . . . I ran out of time for myself let alone my little slice of heaven here in blogger land!  

Life has settled some and I have months and months of goodies to share! 

Here is what has gone on since we last chatted:

ImageLittle C started “school”.  Ok, he started going to daycare 3-4 days a week, but we call it school and he brings a back pack so he can feel like a big boy.

ImageBig A started 3rd grade (sniffle sniffle whimper) and he is doing AMAZING!  I swear that kid is going to be an engineer or something.  ImageLook at his Minecraft game he is making!  He is not allowed to play the actual game (they play it once in a while during free time at school but we won’t allow it at home)  He and a friend decided since neither of them are allowed to play the game, they would make their own! This is a work in progress, but I am so proud of him for being so imaginative!

ImageOur cats learned how to cook, which is great because I just don’t have time anymore!  See?  Gnocchi is tasting his delicious creation!  They like to help with homework too.  Very smart cats.  ImageImageBig A continues to be enamored with Legos.  Look at this incredible Lego train he built with NO instructions!  See?  Engineer for sure.

ImageMy poor Little C spent some time in the hospital a few weeks ago .  He was horribly sick and the doctors just could not figure out what was wrong with him.    They thought it was meningitis, which meant every doctor and nurse to enter his room had to wear a mask.  That was really frightening for Little C!  The worst part of the entire ordeal was having to watch, helplessly as he whimpered in pan,  As a mommy, that broke my heart.  Thankfully, he made a fll recovery and is back to be being his sassy little self again!



Well, that sums it up for now I guess!  I promise it won’t be another 6 months before you hear from me again!


Recycled Board Books

13 May

We have a TON of books at our house.  The kids love to read, Handy Hubby and I both love to read . . . but books, sadly don’t last forever.  It seems a crime to me to throw them away.  We have so many kid’s books that are falling apart from years of being read, stepped on and used as car tunnels.  I was cleaning off the book shelves on day and found several board books that were falling apart, missing the “lift the flap” flaps or had just been outgrown.  Big A loves to make his own books, so I re-purposed the old, tired board books for him to use when he wants to write and illustrate a story.

You need board books, mod podge, and heavy drawing or water color paper. 

Spread a thin layer of mod podge on each page, then stick the paper on and rub out the bubbles.  It may curl a little as the mod podge dries.  I did 2 layers of paper because the books I was using were really colorful and I didn’t want the old pages showing through the new ones. 

Let them dry for about 24 hours before you draw or paint in them.  If you plan to paint, I highly recommend using water color paper.

Totally Recycled Play House

29 Feb

The boys and I were at my mom’s house one Sunday and she had 2 decent size boxes sitting by her recycle bin.  A little light bulb went on in my head and about 3 hours later the boxes were play houses for my boy’s little people and Lego people and small stuffed animals!

The best part was that everything I used to make the houses and the furniture inside the houses was out of my recycle bin!  Toilet paper tubes cut into 4 pieces made perfect chairs for the little people, pictures of TV sets in the Sunday ads made perfect TVs, food froma cooking magazine made awesome contents for a fridge, etc.  I made little beds by taping the cardboard to make a small box.  Folded cardboard to make a sofa . . .you get the idea.  My point?  You can make awesome toys using TRASH!  If you scour the web, the found objects turned toys are uncountable!

Little C scowling, no pictures please!


Big and Little C still play with their box houses, even stacking them to make an apartment complex!