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A Little Advertising

28 Apr

Remember back in February when I shared a painting I did for my friend, the author of the Winters Saga series?  Well she just launched a new website   promoting her books.  She is also publishing them as paperbacks now, previously they were only available on Amazon.com for Kindle and Cloud readers.

With the promotions of her newest title, Legacy due out in October, and the publishing of paperback versions of her books, this has been a very busy and exiting time for Karen!  AND check out what pops up on her website!  My painting!










It’s fun to see my work pop up in other places around the web.  But it’s more fun to know that people really appreciate my work!


I’m Showing Off

3 Feb

150596_528774437154384_761760633_nHi folks, Happy Sunday!

I wanted to share my latest painting with you all.  This piece, titled Meg’s Escape, was a very special painting I did for a good friend.  It probably looks a little confusing to you all . . . It was inspired by a series of books titled “Winter’s Saga”.  I did this piece for my friend, the author of the books, to celebrate the upcoming release of her 5th book in the series.

Are you interested in purchasing some one of a kind custom artwork for yourself?  Head on over to my Etsy store or shoot me a message.  If you don’t see what you want in my store, don’t hesitate to ask!

Since I have your attention, I really think you should go to Amazon and check out Winter’s Saga.  Absolutely amazing books!  A little bit of sci-fi, suspense, thriller, and a smidge of a love story.  Trust me, you will LOVE this series!

Turkey Toes

7 Nov

I have spent the past 3 days in bed with a wicked Fibromyalgia flare up.  I’ve been feeling like I may win Crappy Momma of the Week award for allowing my 3 year old to watch tv all day yesterday.  Today Hubby was home too, so it wasn’t so bad, and Little C spent a good portion of the day laying in my bed with me coloring in coloring books and asking me every 5 minutes if I felt better yet.

This evening, finally able to lift my head and move some, I decided we needed to do a craft.  It had to be an easy Momma-doesn’t-need-to-think craft because I’m no where near 100% yet.


My kids love to paint, and we rarely finger paint because it usually ends up more like body painting . . . so I decided to let them do a little thing I like to call Turkey Toes.

What you need:

  • acrylic or tempera paints
  • construction paper
  • paint brush
  • paper plate

We started by painting the boys’ hands in their color of choice.  The hands are the feathers, so place them high enough to leave room for the body.  Big A wanted Fall or “turkey” colors, so he chose red and yellow and then mixed the two together for orange.  Little C wanted Packer colors, so he chose yellow and green.

You could do each color on a separate paper plate and have them dip their hands in the color, but that wastes paper plates and paint, so I just used a paint brush as to no get too much paint on their hands and feet.

After you done all the feathers you want, wash your hand off.  (duh.)

Next, we painted their feet (one foot per child) with the brown paint and pressed their feet onto the paper in the center of the feathers.

Big A made a face and feet for his turkey by dipping a Q-Tip in the left over paint.  Little C followed suit but didn’t get as fancy.

It was pretty funny actually, because I tell Little C all the time not to draw on himself, not to paint on himself . . . and here I am say Ok, now paint your hand!  He was a little hesitant at first!








Monster High Art

28 Oct

Hey All!  I’ve been hard at work trying to think of something to ad to my Etsy stock . . . and here’s a sneak peak of my “collection”.

Since most of my inventory is boy friendly, I wanted to add a little girlyness to my store.  Also, lets face it, I’m getting tired of only painting boy stuff!


Since these Monster High Dolls are wickedly popular (see what I did there?) I decided they would be a great addition.  And they are so cute!

Obviously I’m not finished here, I’ve gotten 2 completed so far.  I won’t be stocking every Monster High character, there are so many of them!  But if you are interested and don’t see the one you want in my store, shoot me an email and I’d be happy to paint it for you!

My 1st Sale!

5 Sep

I am VERY pleased to announce that I have made my very first sale in my Etsy store today!  It’s an awesome feeling to know that people not only LIKE my art, but that they are paying for it!  Wooooot!

Are YOU interested in buying some hand painted masterpieces?  If you are, drop into my Etsy store and please feel free to contact me if you have a request, questions, or just want to say “Hey!”



Wrong Way Murals

5 Aug

Since Mural Mondays ran out of ammo due to the Great Computer Virus of 2009, I’ve been busy busy painting more just to show you!  No, actually I’ve been painting them for the people that hired me to paint them, but I just wanted to make you all feel special!

Wrong Way Murals now has it’s own Facebook page, where I will share my work.  Since it’s debut, I’ve already painted 2 more murals whose pictures will be up for your viewing pleasure soon!

It’s going to be a hodge podge of styles, colors and themes being that all of the art posted is art I have been hired to do for someone else.  I’ve run out of walls at my own house, folks . .  .so now I’m invading yours!

Check out Wrong Way Murals on Facebook, and stay tuned here as well!


Happy Tuesday!

1 Aug

My lil man has been begging me to paint “Furious George” on his wall.  (that’s what Little C calls Curious George.  I think a cartoon about a really pissed off monkey would be hilarious!)  I finally bought some brown paint and gave Little C what he wanted.  So funny too, because every morning he gets out of bed and kisses George, and every night when he goes to bed he kisses him again!  How many customers would be so grateful for their new mural that they kiss it every day?

I’m working on tying the current sports theme in with the love of the mischievous little monkey.  I will keep you posted!