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A Little Advertising

28 Apr

Remember back in February when I shared a painting I did for my friend, the author of the Winters Saga series?  Well she just launched a new website   promoting her books.  She is also publishing them as paperbacks now, previously they were only available on Amazon.com for Kindle and Cloud readers.

With the promotions of her newest title, Legacy due out in October, and the publishing of paperback versions of her books, this has been a very busy and exiting time for Karen!  AND check out what pops up on her website!  My painting!










It’s fun to see my work pop up in other places around the web.  But it’s more fun to know that people really appreciate my work!


I’m Showing Off

3 Feb

150596_528774437154384_761760633_nHi folks, Happy Sunday!

I wanted to share my latest painting with you all.  This piece, titled Meg’s Escape, was a very special painting I did for a good friend.  It probably looks a little confusing to you all . . . It was inspired by a series of books titled “Winter’s Saga”.  I did this piece for my friend, the author of the books, to celebrate the upcoming release of her 5th book in the series.

Are you interested in purchasing some one of a kind custom artwork for yourself?  Head on over to my Etsy store or shoot me a message.  If you don’t see what you want in my store, don’t hesitate to ask!

Since I have your attention, I really think you should go to Amazon and check out Winter’s Saga.  Absolutely amazing books!  A little bit of sci-fi, suspense, thriller, and a smidge of a love story.  Trust me, you will LOVE this series!

The Boys’ New House

14 Sep

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately!  I just started a new job and my evenings are hectic and frazzled between homework, bath time, and bed time!  I’m so tired by the time the boys are in bed I can hardly think straight!

Last weekend we finished a project that was a year in the making.  Handy Hubby and Big A devised a fabulous tree house last Sept.  That’s right, a year ago!  After listening to my kids and all the neighborhood kids ask over and over when the tree house was going to be finished, I finally lit a big enough fire under Handy hubby’s butt to actually build the darn thing!

I cannot give you a tutorial on how to build the tree house because math and building are not my strongest skills.  I can however, show it off because that is just how I am!  Neener neener neener.  I can tell you that you should ALWAYS use a saw horse when cutting wood.  Handy Hubby was too lazy to walk into the garage and bring the saw horses out so he was balancing the wood on his legs.  He cut his thigh with the circular saw.  That’s right.  Stupid man wouldn’t even go get stitches!  And believe me, he needed them!

That bridge is my favorite part of the tree house!  I love the rope railing!

Little C enjoying the view



This is the totally finished tree house!  It’s approximately 9 feet off the ground.  The swingset and slide area were the original, built 5 years ago.  The deck Little C is standing on was built last ear and was not accessible until the bridge was built.  There is a ladder to got to the second level.

I wanted the inside of the tree house to look like a real house . . . pictures on the walls, shelves etc.  Big A wanted a fireplace built in the corner, but that would have taken up too much room.  My solution was to pain a fireplace on the wall.  There is a support beam over the fireplace so I painted a trophy and football over the beam to look like they were sitting on a fireplace mantle.

Little C requested a penguin, so I painted a penguin on the wall for him.  Before you start to think, “Wow, she’s really lost her touch . . . these paintings aren’t up to par for the Dummy!”  Let me tell you, it is REALLY hard to paint on raw plywood!  It’s very rough and porous!  I was going for whimsical and childlike . . . but it wasn’t easy painting!

Go Ninjago!

22 Aug

I’ve been working on minor redecorating in Big A’s room the past few weeks.  Moving all the Legos into his room, framing Ninjago comics to hang on the walls, and  . . .sob sniffle . . . painting over Darth Vader to make room for the Green Ninja.  If there is one thing I hate, it’s painting over one my beloved works of art!  But, out with the old and in with the new!

Meet the Green Ninja!

I’m not really what is so special about the green one, but he is Big A’s favorite.  It’s a pretty big space on the wall, so Mr Green will soon be joined by his blue friend.



Wrong Way Murals

5 Aug

Since Mural Mondays ran out of ammo due to the Great Computer Virus of 2009, I’ve been busy busy painting more just to show you!  No, actually I’ve been painting them for the people that hired me to paint them, but I just wanted to make you all feel special!

Wrong Way Murals now has it’s own Facebook page, where I will share my work.  Since it’s debut, I’ve already painted 2 more murals whose pictures will be up for your viewing pleasure soon!

It’s going to be a hodge podge of styles, colors and themes being that all of the art posted is art I have been hired to do for someone else.  I’ve run out of walls at my own house, folks . .  .so now I’m invading yours!

Check out Wrong Way Murals on Facebook, and stay tuned here as well!


Happy Tuesday!

1 Aug

My lil man has been begging me to paint “Furious George” on his wall.  (that’s what Little C calls Curious George.  I think a cartoon about a really pissed off monkey would be hilarious!)  I finally bought some brown paint and gave Little C what he wanted.  So funny too, because every morning he gets out of bed and kisses George, and every night when he goes to bed he kisses him again!  How many customers would be so grateful for their new mural that they kiss it every day?

I’m working on tying the current sports theme in with the love of the mischievous little monkey.  I will keep you posted!

Girly Room Redo

30 Jul

Every little girl needs a special place all her own to pretend, dance, read, sleep and dream.  I know an awesome little girl with an amazing   imagination . . . but her room did not match her vibrant personality.  It was a hodge podge of mismatched furniture, random decor and NO organization at all!  Her mom had no clue where to start, what to do or even what she wanted.  A lot of brainstorming and a little (ok, a lot) of elbow grease, and I turned this not-so-special room into something very special for a wonderful little girl.   Oh, and the best part?  It was TOTALLY FREE!!!!!!

Before: Ok, for starters, the room was a mess.  Ha ha, that’s what happens when kids actually live in rooms: they get messy.  You see all those sweet rooms in catalogs and you know darn well that now child has EVER actually stepped foot in there!

There was very little on the walls, a blah bunk bed shared with older brother.  Toys every where and no special “reading nook” or anything like that.  And this is a little girl who loves to read and color, so a designated place to curl up with books or crayons was definitely in order!

You can see, mismatched bedding, white night stand with a girly lamp, but then a sports poster over it . . . it didn’t scream girl OR boy.  All this room screamed was “Somebody please give me a style and purpose!  HEEEEELLLLLPPPPPP!

First order of business, we moved big brother out and into his own room.  They didn’t need or particularly even want to share a room, so out moved brother and his bunk beds into his own room.

Next, every little girl needs a nice comfy bed of her own.  We pulled a bed frame and mattress out of storage and fashioned a girly canopy to hang over the head of the bed.  Yes, I said fashioned.  Out of a lace curtain, a wire hanger, and some ribbon.  Just open up the hanger, bend it into hoop shape, wrap it in some ivory ribbon and then slide the curtain over the ribbon.  Use used more ribbon to hang it from a hook in the ceiling, and tie it back with yet more ribbon.  Viola!  Canopy!

For the lack of headboard situation, I painted one!  That’s right, just painted it right onto the wall, then stenciled the little girl’s name onto the headboard to make it a little more personal.

Using my mural-tastic talents (I know, there I go tooting my own horn again) I painted a tree on the wall opposite the bed.  For added color and texture, I cut out leaves from scrap book paper and flowers from fabric and glued those to the ends of some of the branches.

The larger flowers are actually cardboard cutouts of flowers with fabric glued to them and ribbon wrapped around to serve as photo holders.  She can display family photos or drawings and change them out any time without messing with picture frames.

Beneath the tree her dad is going to hang some small shelves for her books, and her mom is on the lookout for comfy pillows for snuggling up in her new reading nook.