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Beauty is in the Eye of the Flamingo

26 Mar

Handmade gifts are the best, right?  Don’t you love receiving a gift that someone you care about has painstakingly fabricated with their own two hands?  And it’s the thought that counts, even if you don’t totally adore the gift . . . right?

Muuwaaaahaaahaaa UNLESS the gift was made with pure malice and EVIL by your cunningly handy sister!  Muuwaaahaaaaahaaaa!  My friends, may I introduce to you . . .  My sister’s birthday present . . .


A little back-story may be in order here.  My sister HATES pink flamingos.  She thinks they are the tackiest animal on the face of the earth.  So naturally, she despises those lovely plastic pink flamingos that grace the gardens and yards of home everywhere.  What’s worse than an ugly plastic flamingo?  A BEJEWELED plastic flamingo!

If you want to make one of your own, because well why the hell not, right?  All you need are an ugly plastic flamingo, 1500 crafts jewels, a LOT of hot glue, and a lot of patience.  This bad boy here took me about 6 hours to bejewel, and is the reason I no longer have finger prints.  And since I ended up with 2 of these flamingos, of course I HAD to make a 2nd one!  Any takers?  Hehehehe



Sweet Deal for my Readers!

30 Nov

Hi friends!  Looking for the perfect gift for someone special?  Head over to my Etsy store WrongWayMommy for great one of a kind hand painted art.  All this month you can receive 20% off your order, JUST for reading my blog!


My 1st Sale!

5 Sep

I am VERY pleased to announce that I have made my very first sale in my Etsy store today!  It’s an awesome feeling to know that people not only LIKE my art, but that they are paying for it!  Wooooot!

Are YOU interested in buying some hand painted masterpieces?  If you are, drop into my Etsy store and please feel free to contact me if you have a request, questions, or just want to say “Hey!”



Mural Monday!

28 May

Happy Memorial Day!  And Happy Mural Monday to you all!  In honor of this wonderful holiday in which we remember all the soldiers lost, I’m doing my most patriotic mural.  Ok, it’s not an America flag and it’s not a scene from a famous battle, but it’s the next best thing: A space shuttle!

When we bought our house, I wanted to give Big A a Big Boy room so he could transition out of his crib and into a big bed.  I bought this adorable outer space bedding and told him it could only go in the big bed.  He was VERY excited about the new bedding and didn’t want to be in his crib for much longer.  Granted, once he moved into the big bed we didn’t sleep a full night for 3 years!

I spent a lot of time on my space shuttle, which started out looking like a flying dolphin.  I’d never done a shuttle before, and while it’s not perfect, it was loved on his wall for 4 years until we switched to Star Wars.

In the far left corner there was a moon that glowed in the dark, but I don’t have a shot of that.

Hope you enjoyed my 2nd installment of Mural Monday, and stay tuned because there are many more to come!

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!


Paint Chip Art

30 Mar

I love cheap art, but I REALLY love free art!  I am always seeing all the crazy paint chip ideas on Pinterest.  Most of them are wallpapering an entire area with paint chips, or some sort of mosaic with paint chips.  A little too overzealous for my tastes, and I would NEVER be able to score that many paint chips in one day!

The other day I was at Home Depot waiting for my paint to be mixed and stumbled upon these really cute leaf shaped paint chips in various nature inspired colors.  I was instantly drawn to them and snatched up as many as I could without taking them all.  Being that they are there for people to decide on a paint color, not wallpaper with!

After laying them out is several different shapes and patterns, I decided that a flower-ish shape would be cool with nature tones and leaf shapes.  They even had this cute little punch out in one corner that was a tiny little leaf!  These were totally made to be used as a craft project, not just home color choices!

I layered them and glued them to a simple piece of cardboard from my recycle bin (where I find so many of my craft supplies these days!) When it was dry, I super glued a hanger to the back and hung it on the wall in my living room.  Free art!

DIY Bedside Table

25 Mar

You know those ugly wooden bed tables that you buy for $10 and then throw a skirt over?  The round ones that you HAVE to keep covered because otherwise they are just a hunk of wood on peg legs?  We had 2 of them, one on each side of the bed.  I always hated them, but never felt like spending the money to buy something I actually liked.

One day, bored, I decided to spray paint one of them black.  Looked ok, but it was still just a round table on peg legs.  So I cut it in half.  Now, I have to admit I am a huge fan on the saws-all.  Once we bought a new desk and I cut the old one in half just for the hell of it!  A little bit crazy, I guess.

So once thew table was painted and cut in half, I had this kick ass idea to mount them on the wall on the bedsides.  They look so cool now, custom bedside tables!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You may recognize the artwork over the tables as well, some more of my $0.35 art!  (that’s right, mounted scrapbook paper!)

Thirty Five Cent Art

15 Mar

5 years ago when we moved in our house I went a buying spree to get art and frames to hang on the walls.  5 years later we were still looking at the same ugly apple paintings I had bought in desperation to hang something, ANYTHING, on the dining room wall.  The only reason I never replaced them was because I am too lazy and cheap to go out and buy something I actually like!

Today, while on a trip to my favorite store in the world . . .the craft store, I bought a few sheets of scrapbook paper in hopes to turn those ugly apple paintings into something I don’t mind looking at.

Step one was to pop the ugly apples out of the cool frames they came in.  Framed canvases are usually held in place with brown tape, so I slid a knife around the edge of the canvas to cut the tape.  I pushed the ugly out from the front, careful not to crack the canvas or bend the corners.

One the canvas was out, I sprayed it with spray adhesive (the liquid gold of crafters everywhere!) and placed the scrapbook paper onto the canvas.  You have to make sure it’s centered and that you smooth out the bubbles, because it’s not coming back off!  That spray adhesive means business!

I popped the canvas, no longer hideous, back into the frame and used a few small tacks to keep it from falling out of the frame through the back.











HUGE improvement and it seriously only cost me $0.35!   Thirty five cent art!  You cannot beat that!  And if I should decide I no longer like these prints, I can simply spray adhesive over them and stick a new print on!  Fabulous!