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Phineas Wants to Help

22 Dec

By now everyone has heard about the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary school last week.  Our hearts go out to the families and friends of those lost, to the children who escaped and will be forever changed, and to the community that mourns their loss during what is supposed to be a happy and joyous season.  The community of Newtown, CT has been working hard to build an exact replica of Sandy Hook Elementary for the kids to go back to in January, and they want to make it a Winter Wonderland for the kids when they return, and they are asking people around the U.S. to help out by making paper snowflakes to decorate the school.  IMG_6644

Our elf, Phineas, heard about the Winter Wonderland and decided he wanted to help out.  He was up VERY late last night making dozens of paper snowflakes to decorate our living room, which he plans to send to Sandy Hook after Christmas.  He’s teaching my boys an important lesson in helping others, and that we all need to band together in times of tragedy.  While Little C, being on 3, has no idea about the shooting in CT, he still understands that there are some kids far away getting a new school and that they need decorations.  Unfortunately Big A found out WAY more about the tragedy that we ever planned to tell him, so he understands that these kids need something good to look forward to to help them ease their fears about going back to school next month.  Big A thought it was pretty cool that Phineas made all the snowflakes for us, but he thought it was even better that Phineas plans to send them to CT for the children of Sandy Hook.  A good lesson in the true meaning of Christmas.IMG_6645

Hug your children, tell them you love them.  Do something kind for someone else.  Pray everyday.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Look at the big picture and think about everything you have, the people you love and be thankful to have them in your life.  And if you need a project this weekend, make a few snowflakes and send them to Sandy Hook Elementary.

Connecticut PTSA

60 Connolly Parkway, Building 12, Suite 103

Hamden, CT 06514

And have a VERY Merry Christmas with those you love!IMG_6646



Phineas’s Adventures Part 7

21 Dec

Christmas is in 3 more days, can you believe it?  Our elf, Phineas,  is getting REALLY excited for Christmas!   Big A and Little C spent last night at their Nana’s house and who showed up there?  Phineas!  425438_527467753944173_882963091_nHe didn’t want to miss out on the sleep over fun!  He also wasn’t sure how long the boys would be away, due to the massive snowstorm dumping wet snow on us, closing school and businesses.  Phineas was concerned the boys might get stuck there a 2nd night!

He was found having a friendly game night with some buddies earlier in the week.   Apparently Zhu Zhu hamster and IMG_6619Bullseye don’t like to gamble, so they played a friendly game of R2D2s in Trouble.

Tonight, Phineas was feeling a bit mischievous!  Looks like he may have Rudolphed Big A and Little C!  I guess that’s what we get for leaving my paints sitting out where silly little elves can get them!  I cannot wait to see the boys’ faces tomorrow when they realize they’ve been made into magic reindeer!

IMG_6633It really is too bad that Phineas will be flying back to the North Pole with Santa in just 3 more days.  We are going to miss the little guy!

Phineas’s Adventures Part 6

16 Dec

Only 9 more days until Christmas, folks.  Get your shopping done, wrap those presents and only a few more nights of fun with your Elf on the Shelf.

Our elf, Phineas, hasn’t slowed down one bit with his antics since he’s been here!  IMG_6611

Phineas was playing poker with the 3 wise men and Creepy Elf.  Maybe they didn’t have any frakencense or muhr for the Christ child, so they decided to play a few hands and see if they could win enough to buy him an Ipad?

So the next night they all went to see the baby Jesus.  I don’t see any Ipads so I’m guessing the 3 wise men didn’t fare too well the night before.










This one was a little something extra.  Little C fell asleep on the couch on afternoon and Phineas wanted to cuddle him for a while.

That Phineas, he’s such an adventure seeker!  Found him this morning scaling our living walls.  And he’s so risky, only holding on with one hand so he can carry that darn Creepy Elf

IMG_6615 IMG_6616




Phineas’s Adventures Part 5

13 Dec

Happy Middle of the Week!  I have been crazy busy between work, the kids, Christmas preparations, and painting ninjas galore.  Thankfully, Phineas has been equally as busy keeping an eye on Big A and Little C.  He’s has mostly good reports to bring back to Santa . . .  mostly.

And of course, he’s been up to his usual elf antics!IMG_6583

Like hiding in my Dummy Doll measuring cups with his little friend Creepy elf!  It actually took the kids a really long time to find him there!

He got a little stuck inside Big A’s foam gingerbread house.  We needed the jaws of life to remove him from the squishy house of doom






Phineas snuck into Big A’s room when he was sleeping over at a friend’s house.  Looks like he is just as good as Big A when it comes to creating Lego masterpieces!IMG_6558


Phineas must have been getting a little homesick for the North Pole, because we found him sledding in our freezer!  He build himself a snowman and was having a great, COLD time in there.  He stayed in the freezer all day and the boys kept looking to make sure he was ok!






think Phineas may have spent a little too much time in the cold freezer the night before, because the following night he was sunning himself in my curio cabinet.  Notice Creepy elf is back?  Turns out they are the best of friends now!  Looks like Phineas is really enjoying the company!


Recycled Santa

9 Dec

Let me start out by saying that this began as one of those “Hey kids it’s snowing, let’s do a Christmas craft!” type of projects.  But sometimes when Mommy makes things up as she goes along, she makes it a little difficult for little hands.  That being said, this was totally fun, I only burned myself once and it’s a super cute project for a little bit older kid than 3 or 4, or adults.


What you need:

  • construction paper/colored felt
  • Clorox/oatmeal canister
  • one tp tube
  • scissors
  • hot glue/craft glue
  • cotton balls/pom poms
  • google eyes

Start out by wrapping the red paper/felt around your canister and gluing it where the back will be.  Next, cut a black belt and do the same, gluing it at the back. -I used a glue stick for the paper-on-paper gluing and the hot glue gun for the felt etc.   Cut a yellow belt buckle and glue that in the center of the front of your Santa.


Cut the tp tube in half, wrap it in red and glue to the sides of your canister.  This is where the hot glue gun comes in handy, because those little buggers don’t want to stay in place until the glue dries!

I glued a Jiff lid to top of mine, but that is not necessary.  At the point where I did that, I wasn’t sure where I was going with this!

Trace a circle (I used that Jiff lid!) out of peach or white paper/felt and glue just below the top of your canister.

For the hat, I cut a triangle with a rounded bottom out of red felt.  Wrap that around the top of the canister and glue to the top, glue the back seams shut.  I didn’t have any cotton balls or a large white pom pom, so I glued 3 of them to the top of the hat.  One cotton ball or large pom pom will do.


For the trim around the bottom of the hat, you can use white felt or cotton balls.  Believe it or not, I used a Elf on the Shelf skirt!  (we had girl elves delivered to Big A and Little C by our elf, Phineas.  I stripped them of their skirts and hid them!)  Glue the trim to the bottom of the hat, and use the same material for the beard and mustache.  For the beard, just wrap it around and glue in the back if it is felt.


For the face, google eyes and a red pom pom for the nose.  I colored rosy cheeks with a red Sharpie.

He’s all done, he was a little complicated for a 3 year old, but a great Christmas craft for an older child!  Happy Sunday!


Phineas’s Adventures Part 4

6 Dec

It’s Wednesday!  Hope your week is going well, my has been hectic and Little C has been grumpy!

Phineas has been VERY busy again the past few days.  One night he brought us the Elf movie to watch together while the boys were in the tub.  Such a thoughtful little elf he is!

We found him showing his artistic side, drawing so lively pictures for the boys.  Big A decided to draw Phineas a picture of the two of them is elf clothing holding hands!  So cute!


The next night IMG_6537Phineas took down the pigs in a game of Angry Birds.  Added bonus was that the cats knocked part of the game over in the night so it looked like Phineas had been doing really well!


Last night Phineas snuck into the chocolate covered pretzels I made.  We found him hiding in the fridge this morning with chocolate all over his face!  He stayed in there all day too . . . the cold must remind him of home.

Tonight he decided he ought to take a bath and wash all the chocolate off.  Notice he is washing his armpit?  He must have elf b.o.


Phineas’s Adventures Part 3

2 Dec

Call it Extreme Elfing!  Phineas was found earlier this week bungee, er Slinky, jumping from our ceiling fan!  Fortunately he can’t lose his magic if Mommy touches him, only if a child does, because Big A was worried all the blood was going to rush to his head and make him vomit!  So, I rescued him and put him in a safer place.  I had to tell the boys that only adults can handle Phineas without taking his magic because sometimes he needs to moved off the floor before we leave for work and school.   I can just imagine the looks of horror on the boys’ faces if they were to come home to find that our dog had ripped Phineas’s head off and the cats were playing soccer with his innards!  -shudder-


The following night, Phineas must have decided to be a little less daring.  We found him enjoying a ride on a Ferris wheel with a new friend!  The creepy  adorable little elf he is holding is from a new movie that looks a bit frightening . . . I don’t know, it came with a happy meal and the kids won’t let me throw it out!  At any rate, the little guy must have made Phineas feel more at home, because the next day he appeared again, joining Phineas in a monster truck rally!  I thought the boys were really going to get a kick out of the monster truck rally . . . Big A did . . . but Little C was REALLY pissed that Phineas was riding his motor cycle without asking!IMG_6503IMG_6502

Last night I think Phineas we trying to hint at something, maybe that he thinks Big A needs to practice his guitar more often?


Have a great week!