No More Tape on the Wall!

25 Feb

Big A's room beforeBig A has his cute little “office” under his bed where he likes to draw and build things with Legos.  Before we had the work area there and it was just a regular bunkbed, he used to tape things to the walls all over his room.  Drove me nuts!  Sometimes the tape would come off no problem, other times it would peel off the paint or leave a sticky spot.

When we transformed his bunkbed into a loft bed I told him that his office was the only place he could tape things to the walls.  That made it a lot better, but we were still finding that the tape was peeling the paint and I was getting really sick of touching up the wall!

On a routine trip to the Dollar Store I found some wonderful cork-board squares and some little dry erase boards.  Light bulb!  (that is a reference from Despicable Me, one of my favorite kiddy movies!)

As you can see from the before picture, there were photos, cards and papers taped to the wall.  I removed them very carefully!

The cork-boards came with little adhesive tabs that are wall safe, but since we don’t plan on removing them any time soon, even if they do damage the wall it will still be better that having damage everywhere all the time!  Right?  I think so.

I hung the dry erase board in the middle of the cork-boards because I am weird and like this symmetrical all the time.  Asymmetry actually gives me anxiety.  I know, I need help.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI really like how it looks, and Big A can easily change and add pictures to the boards any time he wants.  I thought it might be fun to leave him little messages on the dry erase board from time to time too!



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