Making Fun of Winter

22 Feb

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe met another on of Mother Nature’s bratty children today!  Winterstorm Felicia came by for a visit, dump more unwanted snow on us, cancelling schools all over.  We are sick of Winter, sick of being stuck indoors . . .

Wait . . . Who says we have to stay indoors?  As long as temps are above zero, we can-and should- get outside every day!  The kids need to burn off some energy and we all need a little fresh air!  But, what to do outside?  Here are a few of our favorite Snow-filled activities.

Snowman- Kind of a no brainer!  Build a snowman, decorate him with things you can find in your own back yard.  Don’t feel like making the typical snowman?  Make a snow dog, snow bear, snow tarantula . . .  whatever you and your kids can conger up, the wackier the better!

Snow fort-another no brainer, but always a hit with the kids.  We like to use the large hill of snow from the plow as our starting point and hollow it out to make a cave type fort.  But however you build it, it will be fun until it melts!

Snow darts-Not really “darts”, but a fun game.  Make a target on wood or cardboard and take turns throwing snowballs at it.  The bigger the target the easier it will be for smaller kids.  You can use a waterproof paint or thick permanent marker to draw the target on.

Snowball freeze tag- A classic playground game with a Wintery twist.  Instead of just tagging people to freeze them, the person who is “it” throws snowballs at them, if you are hit you freeze in place until someone unfreezes you by tagging you.

Snow paint-My kids LOVE this one because they can draw on the snow, their snowman or any other snow creation they’ve made.  We’ve made a couple of ways and they all work very well.  Mix a few drops of food coloring or some Kool Aid into a spray bottle of water.  Spray the snow to paint your design or paint clothes on your snowman or snow angels.

Freezing bubbles- It has to be pretty cold out for this to work, but we’ve tried it and it was pretty cool.  Blow bubbles on a REALLY cold day outside.  They will freeze in the air and sort of shatter!  But it only works in pure frigid temps, so it’s one of those “we are only going to be outside for 10 minutes” types of activities.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Sledding-You don’t need a huge hill in your yard for the kids to enjoy sledding.  My kids like to sled down the snow pile the plows make, sledding into our yard.  They have a race to see who reaches the bottom first, or see who can sled the farthest into the yard.  The best part is it’s not such a huge hill that I have to keep pulling them back up!  Don’t have a hill?  Shovel all your driveway snow into a nice pile for them, pack it down really good and sled away!

Tic Tac Snow- Draw a giant tic tac toe board in the snow and gather some sticks and stones or other objects.  The kids can play a giant game of tic tac toe!

Snow Cookies- bust out some shaped sand molds or pails and have the kids make “snow cookies and snow cakes”.  They can use them the same as they do in the sand.  You can decorate the walkway with them or pile them high to make a fort wall.

For the birds- Create a birdseed mosaic in the snow,by making pictures with different colors and types of birdseed.  When you are done, you can watch the birds from inside as they enjoy eating your artwork.

I’m sure there are a ton of other fun things to do on a snow day, these are just a few of our favorites!  So what are you waiting for?  Go play in the snow!




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