Valentine Puppy Craft

5 Feb

Happy Tuesday!  We’ve been VERY busy today!  Little C and I attended a Fancy Outfit party at the local library, went out to lunch, worked on the letter “A”, AND made a Valentine’s Day puppy!  Wheeeew!  We are pooped out!  (Just an FYI- Little C picked out everything he wore to the Fancy Outfit party.  Can you tell?)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We made this cute puppy entirely out of hearts.  I don’t have any specifics for heart sizes-like their dimensions or anything like that.  But I can give you some pretty simple instructions on how to make one yourself!

The first heart is the largest, it’s the purple one that makes her hind legs, or as Little C called it, her booty butt.  So, start by folding a piece of construction paper in half and cutting out the largest heart for the booty butt.  Place the heart point-side up.

Next cut out another heart using a different color of paper.  This will be the body.  You need to make it slightly smaller than the first one.  Glue this heart over the top of the first one.

Now cut out a third hear, smaller than the last, for the head.  Glue this one over the points of the booty butt and body, but glue it point-side down.

Now you need 5 small hearts for the ears, feet and tip of the tail.  Also cut a long curved tail.  Glue the hearts on top of the head and on the bottom of the body.  Attach the tail and glue a heart to the tip.

You can draw the face on if you like.  We used one more tiny heart for a nose and a belly button because Little C thinks everything MUST have a belly button.  He drew the eyes and mouth and had my write our dog’s name on the belly, then he “wrote” love you.  (he’s 3, he can’t REALLY write, but far be it from me to stop him from trying!)


There you have a cute Valentine puppy, or a Valentine for your puppy!  Little C hung his right above Moxie’s food and water so she could look at it while she eats!



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