One Man’s Trash . . .

25 Jan

I am one of those crafty, artsy people that holds on to things.  You know, bottle caps, oatmeal containers, cardboard . . . because I use it for various projects.  I also sometimes trash pick.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never dove head first into a dumpster!  But I have found some useful items on the curb!

That being said, there are some things that really should just be thrown away.  Often times when I’m at a garage sale I see something and think, Wow, they expect to get money for that?  Throw it out!  But today we aren’t talking garage sales my friends.  No, we are talking Craigslist.  I love the site!   I love to buy, especially baby and kid’s items because they get used for such a short period of time.  I love to sell for the same reason, those short lived items that you need for babies and small children sell like hot cakes!  (how do hot cakes sell anyway?  Where did that expression come from?)

Then there is the FREE section of Craigslist.  Folks, many of the items in this section belong in the trash.  Not everything is useful, not everything is salvageable.  And some things are just gross.  While getting my daily dose of CL, I popped on over to the free list and here are some of the items I found.

  1. Old blue toilet, may need repairs.  Toilet is behind house. You can ring the door bell or just go get it. Only the toilet is free.  So, if you need a new old broken toilet from the 60’s that spent the better half of 40+ years being filled with someone else’s doody, well here you go.  And this was not the only free old toilet, so you can take your pick.clfree1
  2. I have two very large (4 stories high) pine trees that need to be cut down. They are free for the taking. I was told its an easy drop. Email if interested.  Basically this person wants you to go take down their giant trees for them because they are too lazy to cut them themselves and don’t want to pay someone to do for them.
  3. I have a Sony boom box. It  does not work. Sounds like he’s bragging “Hey, I have a broken boom box from the 80’s!”  That’s great dude, throw it out!
  4. I have three small (2.5 oz) jars of Gerber baby food: 2 chicken/chicken gravy, and 1 turkey/turkey gravy.  I don’t have a kid  So you bought the baby food thinking you had a kid, then got home and said hey I don’t have kids!  I don’t need this baby food!  Or you are a little creepy.
  5. Free expired coupons.  You pick up, must take all of them.  Dude, put them in the recycle bin!
  6. out on the curb. Free. Come one, come all!  Ratty  couch…Really ratty chair…  At least they are honest.  But the sanitation dept does free large item pick up, and that is less work than posting an ad and fishing through all the spam emails hoping someone will want your nasty old couch!
  7. FREE California King Size Mattress Only a few stains and  some smoke burn but other than that is a very nice bed.  EEEEW!  I’m sorry but LOOK at that mattress!  I don’t care if it’s free, that is disgusting!  And what about the possibilities of lice, bed bugs, fleas . . .  bodily fluids!  I think I just threw up  little.  3Je3N83Hd5K15F75J2ccs0130d2f327981ca8
  8. Free Windows.  All windows are defective in some way. Most have rotted out  Taker must take all!  Ok, there are a lot of really cool projects you can do with old windows.  However, if they are all rotten, there isn’t much to do with them aside from tossing them.  And I love how they say you have to take all of them.  Because having 20 rotten windows that you cannot get rid of is somehow apparently better than having say 10.
  9. Free used plastic shower curtain.  Must pick up.  Seriously?  They cost $1 to buy new!  And ewww again!
  10. Misc. household supplies. Rug Doctor Steam Cleaner 1/4 full, Miracid Plant Food 1/2 full, Drano Full can, Bermans leather lotion 1/2 full, Kiwi Neatsfoot Oil 1/4 full, Holmes Humidifier water treatment 1/2 full, Bacteriostatic humidifier 3Gb3F33p85G95Q35K9cc666bed5618379130ftreatment 1/3 full, Minute Wax 1/3 full, Fabreze Regular Strength 1/2 full, Ant Baits -2 small boxes. Free for Pickup, must take all.  A bunch of old cleaning supplies, many of which don’t have enough left in them to warrant the gas it will cost to pick them up.  And from the looks of the picture, they are old, most likely expired.
  11. Free carseat.  Expired.  Found on road, not sure if was in accident. That’s just dangerous.  They expire for a reason, and what if that carseat was in the road because it was ejected from the car in an accident?

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