Happy Birthday to Me

20 Jan

If you follow me, you probably have figured out by now that I’m sort of cheap.  Not just frugal, cheap.  That means that when I throw a birthday party, I do the best I possibly can for the least amount of money possible.  It’s almost like a game to me!  And you also probably saw my sad, yet hilarious birthday cake fail .  Some of you even sent me tips for my next cake!  Well, I can assure you that the only part of my party that failed was the cake- and even that monstrosity was delicious!

Being that my favorite colors are pink and purple (I know, am I 5?) and that Valentine’s Day is only a month away, I sort of did a 2-for-1 with my decorations.  I figured why take all that time making decorations just to rip them all down after a few days?  I went with a heart theme and decided that everything could stay up until after Valentine’s.  Plus, it all looks really cute, so why not enjoy it for a month?  Here’s the cheap kicker- I bought EVERYTHING at tOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhe Dollar Store!  Score!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My mantle was fun to decorate, it’s so versatile.  You look on Pinterest and you see all these fabulous mantles for every occasion and Holiday one could possibly think of, and yet my mantle is always the same,except for Christmas and Halloween.  I guess I’m just lazy!  I took everything off the mantle and then I went crazy.  I started with those adorable red mini lanterns with the pink hearts on them.  I got a pack of 6 for $1!  They pop open a lot, but hell, they were $1.  I taped them shut and find them irresistibly cute.  I had a ton of paint sample cards in shades of pinks and purples, which I cut into hearts and stapled to pink ribbon and hung as well.  Then, for extra cute factor, I hung some pink and purple curling ribbon.  That also serves as cat entertainment, and it’s JUST out of their reach.  I had a partial spool of pink tulle that I laid over the top of the mantle, kind of like you would a table runner.  I found some vases in the cabinet and put curling ribbon and an LED tealight in one, a pink heart doily in another with LED tealights, and an LED candle in the 3rd.  Then I placed a few cute pics of the fam on to finish it off.  Total cost for my birthday/Valentine’s Day mantle: $1.  Seriously!


In the dining room, I hung a cute pink paper fan on the wall as well as 2 more of the pink heart doilies.  I got a pack of 35 of the paper doilies for $1, so they we all over and I still have several left for a Valentine’s craft.  I hung another mini paper lantern from my candle sconce, and below all that is my cute Happy Birthday sign, also only $1.  Total cost-$3

The table I covered in a cute plastic table cloth and set out some more of the doilies.  I used paint sample cards and foam stickers to make food cards.  Instead of just writing what the dishes were, I got cute and wrote “eat dip” or “sugar rush”.  Recognize those two dishes?  My famous chocolate covered marshmallows and spinach artichoke dip! Total cost for the table decor-$1OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 156301_4695180491553_732559386_n OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI also hung streamers from corner to corner, curling ribbon from the chandeliers, and more of the paper lanterns.  The boys helped me make foam hearts of varied sizes, which we stuck to ribbons and hung in the windows.

Total cost for all of the party decorations-$9 and I still have a pack of streamers left!




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