30 Days to Organized- Day 10

13 Jan

I didn’t want you all to think I forgot about organizing something today, because I didn’t.  But my back feels like someone is sticking knives in it, so I wasn’t about to crawl into the depths of my laundry room or the kids closets today!  What can you organize while you lay on a heating pad?  Photos on the computer!

It was actually kind of fun, strolling down memory lane and putting all the photos into folders.  The oldest ones I just did by year, and they went back to 2006.  When I hit 2012 I did them by month, mostly because I am WAY behind on ordering photos!

I also back them up using Shutterfly as well as burning them to a disk.  I never used to back up my photos, but then the Great Computer Virus of 2009 wiped out my files and it took months to find everything again!

So, no great words of wisdom or magical organizing tips for you today . . . just  a mementos from our past that I came across.


Here is Big A, one year old and messy face!   Hard to believe he is 7 now . . .







He’s 2 here, my little cowboy!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd his 3rd birthday where I constructed the notorious “train cake”, that parents needed to sign a release before allowing their children to eat it.  75 toothpicks held that bad boy together!







9131_155649691638_7310254_nBig A meets his baby brother Little C for the first time!  Big A was 4.  He told the nurse his new brother’s name was Train Edward.  The nurse believed him!

Here is Little C, 1 year old and chubby!  Love those cheeks!





Little C packed, 15ms,  his Diego “pack pack” and was headed to Nana’s.





So, thanks for letting me share my babies with you!  I hope I’ve inspired you all to dig through some old photos and awaken some memories!


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