30 Days to Organized- Day 8

11 Jan

I was planning on spending the day with my good friend Laundry . . . but then a human friend called and asked if I wanted to go outlet shopping!  Who can say no to that?  So I was gone almost all day, I only bought 2 things, and I accomplished VERY little.  But it was fun and the kids had   blast running around outside between stores.

I did manage to organize our craft cupboard and the drawer that Big A refers to as “his drawer”.  It’s basically an extension of  the craft cabinet.

If you do as many arts and crafts as we do, your storage may also look a bit like this, and need an overhauling: OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  








Craft cabinet in total disarray, Play-Doh, cotton balls . . . you name it.  Same was happening in the drawer . . . stickers, paint, pencils, paper . . . how could we ever find anything in these?  Seriously!

I started by taking EVERYTHING out of both of them.  I threw away empty packages, half-done projects and anything I had held onto thinking maybe we would do a craft with it and after a year or more it still sat there.

Once the trash was gone, I took out some containers-here come those lovely wipes boxes again!  I sorted all the like items- stamps and ink pads in a Ziplock bag, google eyes in a bag . . . you see where this is going.  Especially all those little items that have a tendency to spill and end up everywhere. . . . they need to be stored in a way that you won’t end up with little pom poms all over your house!








Look at all those neat little bags filled with fabric, popsicle sticks and cotton balls!  The large bin has bags of themed foam stickers, pipe cleaners, beads and yarn.  Play Doh is all in the little caddy.  You can actually find things in here now!

And the over stuffed drawer? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGlue, pencils, paint brushes and Little C’s “magic paint”.  I keep the regular paint in an old Clorox wipes container, I can fit 4 or 5 water color sets in one of those.  I LOVE reusing containers!  Saves so much money on storage!

Lesson I learned in the process if cleaning our craft cupboard is that we don’t need to hold onto EVERY little scrap.  Also that my boys are much more likely to engage in arts and crafts on their own if they can access the items easily.  So, I cleared all the excess off Little C’s easel and created a Creation Station!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADry erase crayons for the white board, paper, crayons, coloring books, tons of stickers scissors and construction paper.  They can create at the easel, or take the tote to the table or playroom or wherever.  I want to inspire them to be creative!


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