30 Days to Organized- Day 7

9 Jan

Sorry, late again!  I guess something I need to organize is my timeliness!   But, I think you will like this one . . . It’s not something physical, it’s more of a life change.  It may or may not fall under organization, you can be the judge of that.  But, I felt it was appropriate to post during my 30 days of changes being made.  I am quitting smoking.  That’s right ladies and gentlemen.  I have been smoking on and off (but mostly on) for around 12 years.  I quit for 2 long and wonderful years, then had a crisis happen in my life and started again.  Now, 2 years later, the crisis is long over and I was still huffing and puffing, a pack a day.  Worse yet, my kids have been begging me to quit the whole time, especially Big A, who has friends that lost their grandpa to lung cancer.  I don’t want to let my kids down, or myself . . . or you!  So I’ve been telling EVERYONE, friends, family, Facebook, and now my loyal readers.  Why?  Because you can all hold me accountable!  You can ask me if you want, Hey have you smoked?  I’m not going to lie!  So, it’s been hard, and it sucks and it’s almost physically painful . . . but I’m doing it.

Hubby is quitting along with me, he seems to be feeling the effects less than I am though.  So we are going to save on average of $300 a month by not smoking.  $300 a month!  Holy CRAP, that is a disgusting thought.  We may as well have been lighting our money on fire all these years!  And that is where this ties into my whole organization deal . . .  because I’m working on actually USING all those coupons I clip and following the coupon and money saving blogs I am subscribed to.  So, sort of organizing my life, right?  Organizing my finances and my well being, my health.  It may be a long shot . . .  making it fit into this theme.  But, I am proud and wanted to share it with you!

Do you want to quit too?  It’s not going to be easy, let me tell you!  It really royally BLOWS!  But, after you get through the initial suckiness of it, it’s really quite wonderful.  There are a TON of resources out there to help you quit.

Free Help to Quit Smoking – BecomeAnEX.org



Need more help than just a few good reads?  Many insurance companies will give you FREE smoking cessation drugs-the patch, gums, Chantix etc to help you quit.  BUT they will only do it once.  So if you quit and start again, they will not help you again.
We can ALL be free from addiction to smoking, if we use the right tools and do it for good!

One Response to “30 Days to Organized- Day 7”

  1. Meech January 9, 2013 at 8:53 pm #

    about 15 years ago, a friend who had quit smoking said to me,”want to know the secret to not smoking?” I said, “yes!”, expecting words of wisdom. His response: “Don’t smoke.” I was totally annoyed at the time…but now I know (after 3.5 years of being clean) that it really is that simple…and that complicated. Just keep not smoking, 1 day at a time.

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