30 Days to Organized- Day 6

8 Jan

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASorry for the late post tonight, folks.  My evening turned into a Lego building marathon . . . and I enjoyed it very much!  Now the kiddos are in bed and I can show you all what I worked on today: My little corner of the bathroom.

We have one full bath in our house, and one half bath.  If the half bath were on the same floor as my bedroom I would probably keep all my junk in there, but it’s not.  So 4 people share one full bath.  4 people keep their junk in one full bath.  4 people tend to all try to get ready in that one full bath at similar, if not the same time each day.

A while back, in an effort to keep as much of my “girly junk” off the counter as possible, I bought these cute storage baskets and mounted them on the wall.  It worked great . . . but eventually I realized that they had become catch-alls for anything and everything that ever made it’s way into the bathroom.  Match Box cars?  REALLY?

Today my job was to take out all the items that didn’t belong and only use them for what they were originally intended for-hair supplies and lotion.

I’m quite proud of myself, actually.  I managed to throw out a lot of items I had collected in these bins that I thought I might use and never did.  Headbands that turned out too small for my big noggin, ribbons that I thought I might tie in my ponytail (what am I, 6?) empty bottles of lotion I never threw away . . . you get my drift.

I even found a pill bottle that was the perfect size for all my wayward bobby pins!  I am constantly leaving them all over the house, drives my husband bonkers!  (might actually be the reason I do it sometimes-insert evil laughter here)  In the end, they came out looking like this:


Wow!  SO much better! Note the mountain climber-type hook on the basket there with all my hair ties on it?  Thank you Pinterest!

Now I was on a roll and decided to tackle my make up.  Scary in there, let me tell you!  I don’t wear makeup daily, so there was a lot that just needed to be thrown out!  Makeup expires, collects bacteria etc and can lead to breakouts, amongst other things . . . eew.

I keep my makeup in a little Rubbermaid deal with 3 drawers.  Works great until I get lazy and start tossing everything in there.  The top drawer was a tangled mess of jewelery . . . necklaces all tied in knots which is bad for the links.  All the jewelery went in this fancy contraption I had sitting empty on my dresser.  Ready for it?  It’s called a JEWELERY BOX!  Holy crap, when did they start making those?  Har har har.

So after the jewelry was all freed from is Rubbermaid prison, the top drawer was designated for hair clips and barrettes.  The bottom 2 for makeup.









And here is the after:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Wow, all the drawers open again!  Imagine that!


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