30 Days to Organized- Day 1

2 Jan

I am not what one might an overly organized person.  I am a mom of 2 boys, 2 obnoxiously destructive cats, a dog that will eat ANYTHING and a husband who works a lot of late hours and long shifts.  So if my house is a little cluttered, a little bogged down by my craftiness and my children’s imaginations then that is just the way it is.  And I’m also not one to make New Years resolutions.  That being said, this year I want to start out fresh and slightly less cluttered.  I am challenging myself (and you if you want to join me) to organize one area of the house every day this month.  I think I can handle it, and I think I will be surprised at what I what I find laying around that we either don’t need, or that we’ve been looking for or totally forgot we even had.

Day 1-The Walk-In Pantry.

I dove right in and totally forgot to take a before photo . . . but imagine it having looked something like this:

DSC_0298_2810x4264(this is just an image I found using Google Image search, so I’m very sorry, I do not know the source of this image)

My goal was to have it look something like this lovely pantry found on Pinterest:


Well, maybe a happy medium, anyway.  I wasn’t planning on spending any money on the pantry organization, so all those cute little containers and can holders were totally out of the question for me.  But you get the idea.

First problem was the unbelievable amount of items stored in the pantry that have no place being in there.  Examples: wrapping paper, gift bags, craft supplies, toys, nail polish, clothing . . . I’m not kidding.  Our walk in pantry had become a catch all for crap we didn’t feel like putting away.

I threw away an entire bag of CRAP such as craft projects that didn’t work out or fell apart immediately.  I took all the snacks -fruit snacks, cookie and cracker packs, individual oatmeal packs, tea mixes and granola bars-out of their boxes and put them in tupperware containers that we destined for the trash as they no longer had lids.  Snacks in a container, beverages in another and so on.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Things the kids can help themselves to like granola bars, drinks and crackers I placed on the bottom shelf.  My expensive gluten free snacks we placed on the top shelf because it really frosts my cookie when they eat all my special food and then I don’t have anything to nibble on.

The top shelf is still a bit of a mess, but that is because we are growing crystals and they need to be undisturbed for 3 more days.  Once those are done I can tackle that pesky top shelf.

We keep the adult board games in the pantry on the top shelf because when they were in the playroom the kids were losing pieces and they too up too much space on the shelves.  The next shelf down is cereal, tortillas and pastas, then rice and baking goods.  Next shelf is the bread, oatmeal and drinks, then canned goods.  Bottom shelf, like I said before, is snacks and then potatoes, onions and cat food.  Notice how I used shoe boxes and tupperwares instead of leaving all those differently shaped cardboard boxes in there?  Those drive me crazy!  Plus this way we can see what is in each container, and when something is running out.

Again, it’s not nearly as fancy and organized as the on I found on Pinterest . . . but it’s a far cry from an episode of Hoarders!



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