Phineas Wants to Help

22 Dec

By now everyone has heard about the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary school last week.  Our hearts go out to the families and friends of those lost, to the children who escaped and will be forever changed, and to the community that mourns their loss during what is supposed to be a happy and joyous season.  The community of Newtown, CT has been working hard to build an exact replica of Sandy Hook Elementary for the kids to go back to in January, and they want to make it a Winter Wonderland for the kids when they return, and they are asking people around the U.S. to help out by making paper snowflakes to decorate the school.  IMG_6644

Our elf, Phineas, heard about the Winter Wonderland and decided he wanted to help out.  He was up VERY late last night making dozens of paper snowflakes to decorate our living room, which he plans to send to Sandy Hook after Christmas.  He’s teaching my boys an important lesson in helping others, and that we all need to band together in times of tragedy.  While Little C, being on 3, has no idea about the shooting in CT, he still understands that there are some kids far away getting a new school and that they need decorations.  Unfortunately Big A found out WAY more about the tragedy that we ever planned to tell him, so he understands that these kids need something good to look forward to to help them ease their fears about going back to school next month.  Big A thought it was pretty cool that Phineas made all the snowflakes for us, but he thought it was even better that Phineas plans to send them to CT for the children of Sandy Hook.  A good lesson in the true meaning of Christmas.IMG_6645

Hug your children, tell them you love them.  Do something kind for someone else.  Pray everyday.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Look at the big picture and think about everything you have, the people you love and be thankful to have them in your life.  And if you need a project this weekend, make a few snowflakes and send them to Sandy Hook Elementary.

Connecticut PTSA

60 Connolly Parkway, Building 12, Suite 103

Hamden, CT 06514

And have a VERY Merry Christmas with those you love!IMG_6646



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