Phineas’s Adventures Part 7

21 Dec

Christmas is in 3 more days, can you believe it?  Our elf, Phineas,  is getting REALLY excited for Christmas!   Big A and Little C spent last night at their Nana’s house and who showed up there?  Phineas!  425438_527467753944173_882963091_nHe didn’t want to miss out on the sleep over fun!  He also wasn’t sure how long the boys would be away, due to the massive snowstorm dumping wet snow on us, closing school and businesses.  Phineas was concerned the boys might get stuck there a 2nd night!

He was found having a friendly game night with some buddies earlier in the week.   Apparently Zhu Zhu hamster and IMG_6619Bullseye don’t like to gamble, so they played a friendly game of R2D2s in Trouble.

Tonight, Phineas was feeling a bit mischievous!  Looks like he may have Rudolphed Big A and Little C!  I guess that’s what we get for leaving my paints sitting out where silly little elves can get them!  I cannot wait to see the boys’ faces tomorrow when they realize they’ve been made into magic reindeer!

IMG_6633It really is too bad that Phineas will be flying back to the North Pole with Santa in just 3 more days.  We are going to miss the little guy!


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  1. Phineas Wants to Help « Wrong Way Dummy - December 22, 2012

    […] Our elf, Phineas, heard about the Winter Wonderland and decided he wanted to help out.  He was up VERY late last night making dozens of paper snowflakes to decorate our living room, which he plans to send to Sandy Hook after Christmas.  He’s teaching my boys an important lesson in helping others, and that we all need to band together in times of tragedy.  While Little C, being on 3, has no idea about the shooting in CT, he still understands that there are some kids far away getting a new school and that they need decorations.  Unfortunately Big A found out WAY more about the tragedy that we ever planned to tell him, so he understands that these kids need something good to look forward to to help them ease their fears about going back to school next month.  Big A thought it was pretty cool that Phineas made all the snowflakes for us, but he thought it was even better that Phineas plans to send them to CT for the children of Sandy Hook.  A good lesson in the true meaning of Christmas. […]

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