Recycled Santa

9 Dec

Let me start out by saying that this began as one of those “Hey kids it’s snowing, let’s do a Christmas craft!” type of projects.  But sometimes when Mommy makes things up as she goes along, she makes it a little difficult for little hands.  That being said, this was totally fun, I only burned myself once and it’s a super cute project for a little bit older kid than 3 or 4, or adults.


What you need:

  • construction paper/colored felt
  • Clorox/oatmeal canister
  • one tp tube
  • scissors
  • hot glue/craft glue
  • cotton balls/pom poms
  • google eyes

Start out by wrapping the red paper/felt around your canister and gluing it where the back will be.  Next, cut a black belt and do the same, gluing it at the back. -I used a glue stick for the paper-on-paper gluing and the hot glue gun for the felt etc.   Cut a yellow belt buckle and glue that in the center of the front of your Santa.


Cut the tp tube in half, wrap it in red and glue to the sides of your canister.  This is where the hot glue gun comes in handy, because those little buggers don’t want to stay in place until the glue dries!

I glued a Jiff lid to top of mine, but that is not necessary.  At the point where I did that, I wasn’t sure where I was going with this!

Trace a circle (I used that Jiff lid!) out of peach or white paper/felt and glue just below the top of your canister.

For the hat, I cut a triangle with a rounded bottom out of red felt.  Wrap that around the top of the canister and glue to the top, glue the back seams shut.  I didn’t have any cotton balls or a large white pom pom, so I glued 3 of them to the top of the hat.  One cotton ball or large pom pom will do.


For the trim around the bottom of the hat, you can use white felt or cotton balls.  Believe it or not, I used a Elf on the Shelf skirt!  (we had girl elves delivered to Big A and Little C by our elf, Phineas.  I stripped them of their skirts and hid them!)  Glue the trim to the bottom of the hat, and use the same material for the beard and mustache.  For the beard, just wrap it around and glue in the back if it is felt.


For the face, google eyes and a red pom pom for the nose.  I colored rosy cheeks with a red Sharpie.

He’s all done, he was a little complicated for a 3 year old, but a great Christmas craft for an older child!  Happy Sunday!



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