Phineas’s Adventures Part 4

6 Dec

It’s Wednesday!  Hope your week is going well, my has been hectic and Little C has been grumpy!

Phineas has been VERY busy again the past few days.  One night he brought us the Elf movie to watch together while the boys were in the tub.  Such a thoughtful little elf he is!

We found him showing his artistic side, drawing so lively pictures for the boys.  Big A decided to draw Phineas a picture of the two of them is elf clothing holding hands!  So cute!


The next night IMG_6537Phineas took down the pigs in a game of Angry Birds.  Added bonus was that the cats knocked part of the game over in the night so it looked like Phineas had been doing really well!


Last night Phineas snuck into the chocolate covered pretzels I made.  We found him hiding in the fridge this morning with chocolate all over his face!  He stayed in there all day too . . . the cold must remind him of home.

Tonight he decided he ought to take a bath and wash all the chocolate off.  Notice he is washing his armpit?  He must have elf b.o.



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