Christmas Candy-I’m NOT a Professional

3 Dec

I was at the store today and saw this cute little kit for making fancy Christmas candy pretzel rods.  wilton2wilton1I thought, “Gee, how hard can it be?  Everything is right here in the kit!”  So I bought the kit and 2 bags of pretzel rods, and on my drive home smiled at the thought of giving out fancy homemade treats.  My coworkers would be so impressed!  My grandma and all my neighbors would love them!  They would call me the Candy Lady!

I got home, opened up the box and got right to work.  Put the melting chocolate in the decorator bags, melt in the microwave for 30 seconds, knead the bag and repeat until melted.

It also said in the instructions that you could paint the colored chocolate into the mold for the details and then pour the melted brown or white chocolate over it to get that fancy look . . . to get the look on the box!

They turned out ok . . . and painting a thin layer of colored chocolate into the mold did work to give a little detail.  They look NOTHING like the pictures!  I wasn’t expecting perfection, but I guess I had high expectations.

My first problem was that my pretzel rods were too thick.  I never realized how many different sizes of pretzels there are out there!


The next  mistake I made was cutting too much off the tip off the bags.  The candy was sort of pooping out of the decorator bags instead of flowing out nicely.

I should have smoothed the chocolate over on the back when I was done, tapped it a few times to get the bubbles out and then smoothed it over again.

Ok, there aren’t horrible.  But I did make some mistakes that I realized after the fact.  First of all, my pretzel rods were too fat.  I guess I never realized there were so many different sizes of pretzel rods!

I should have used the colored chocolate only for decorating and the brown and white only for filling.  This is because I ran out of white and brown chocolate WAY before I was done.  I ended up with a ton of of red and green and a lot of pretzels, so I just laid the rest of the pretzels on a cookie sheet and drizzled chocolate over them.  They kind of look like Rudolph poop!IMG_6525

All in all, not a terrible first attempt at molded candy.  And they taste good no matter what they look like!



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