Phineas’s Adventures Part 2

29 Nov

I think by the time Christmas comes our little elf, Phineas, will be able to write a book about all the adventures and trouble he’s gotten into at our house!

Little C has been terribly sick for 2 weeks now (if you are a prayer, send one up for my little man, would you?)  Phineas wanted to help Little C feel better, so he bought both boys a little gift and left them on the dining room table for the boys to find when they got home yesterday afternoon.

The boys were super excited to see that their thoughtful little elf had brought them something . . . but they were afraid to move him to get the gifts!  (if he get touched too much, especially by children, he will lose his magic!)  So, Mommy to the rescue, I carefully moved Phineas so the boys could open their gifts.

Both of them have been saying since the first night they met Phineas that he is so cute and they would love to snuggle him.

So Phineas went back to the North Pole early yesterday and brought back 2 snuggly elves for the boys!

I know Little C doesn’t look very enthusiastic in this photo . . . but believe me, he LOVES Slinky and they haven’t parted since his arrival!


Last night Phineas got into a bit of a pickle with the pirates from the night before.   Seems they weren’t too happy about having their ship over taken by an elf!

I hope Phineas can make amends with the pirates!


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