Phineas the Elf’s Adventures

27 Nov

By now if you don’t know about the Elf on the Shelf, you’ve clearly been living under a rock!  Our Elf has been here since Black Friday, and he’s been having a great time keeping an eye on the boys, and playing with their toys in his downtime.  I don’t want to bombard you all with a new Phineas story everyday, so once or twice a week I will fill you all in on what he’s been up to!

Saturday the boys were pretty sassy.  They were REALLY tired after a long weekend at the condo with their cousins, Little C still wasn’t feeling well from a nasty virus he’s had.  All around my house was a mess they were stressing me out.  Phineas must have been disappointed in their behavior as well, because this is what we found Sunday morning:

The boys were pretty upset that they’d made Phineas sad and they tried REALLY hard to get along and not drive mommy crazy for the rest of the weekend.

At one point when Big A didn’t want to pick up his toys I asked him if Phineas would want him to listen and pick up.  He went over to the easel and said, Well his message says to play!  Selective reading?

I didn’t want Phineas to be scolding them too much, or it be less fun if they were always being told to behave.  Last night Phineas met up with a good friend, Rudolph, and decided to take a little sleigh ride around the Christmas tree.  He must have been having a great time, because he stayed there all day!  Then again, the living room is a great place to keep watch on the kids!
Big A and Little C have been playing pirates a lot the past few days.  It much have inspired Phineas because I just walked into the playroom and found him having an epic pirate with Captain Bones!  There were cannon balls all around both ships, and Phineas even got into character with a hook, captain’s hat and an eye patch! 


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