Phineas’s First Night

24 Nov

Our Elf, Phineas, arrived last night while we were at the condo for Thanksgiving festivities.  He brought a book, explaining his presence to the boys.  Big A and Little C were very excited to have their own little elf, although Little C REALLY wanted to snuggle Phineas and just didn’t understand why he couldn’t.

We gently placed Phineas on the fireplace mantle to watch the evening draw to an end.  Wondering if their elf would leave for the North Pole and forget his way back, the boys had a difficult time falling asleep.  At one point, Big A snuck downstairs and reported that Phineas was playing trains!

Looks like Phineas was having a great time playing before he had to report back to the boss!

When the kids woke up this morning, they ran to the train, but Phineas wasn’t there anymore!  Big A was pretty concerned that his elf had forgotten to come back . . . but after searching the condo high and low, they finally found Phineas, zonked out in the guest bedroom.

He’d even found a little monkey friend to snuggle!  I told the kids they’d better let him sleep . . . he’d had a busy day traveling back and forth from the North Pole.

As we were packing up to head home later, the boys noticed that Phineas’s bed was empty!  Where was that little elf now?

Seems he had snuck back downstairs and hopped into our suitcase!  He even had a little note that said “Don’t forget me!”

As soon as we got home, we placed Phineas on our fireplace mantle so he could watch us play . . . and argue.  Big A and Little C had a lot of fun and excitement this weekend and are quite tired!  I sure hope Phineas understands that they cannot be on their best behavior all the time!

**Just to let you know, our elf is not an over achiever, and will generally only hide and play once a day.  But this being his first day with the family, he was really excited!  AND he wanted to make sure the kids understood how this works.


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