Meet Phineas the Elf!

24 Nov

Big A has been questioning the magic of Christmas lately.  Some kids have been telling him that the magic isn’t real, that Santa isn’t real!  Did you know that if you don’t believe in Santa, you get underpants for Christmas?  Yup, it’s a fact.  Even I believe in Santa!

We traveled up the condo for Thanksgiving with family, and tonight after the boys got out of the tub, we heard a knocking on the door.  At first we thought it was just the wind, but then it happened again!

Big A and Little went to investigate, and what did they find?  A book, a letter AND a little elf from the North Pole!

I guess this little guy, whom the boys have named Phineas, was sent by Santa to help remind the boys to be good, and to help them see that the magic is real after all.

I will keep you all posted as we count down to Christmas, and enjoy Phinneas’s company.  Maybe he will make us laugh, play together and enjoy the season just a little bit more!


3 Responses to “Meet Phineas the Elf!”


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    […] Our Elf, Phineas, arrived last night while we were at the condo for Thanksgiving festivities.  He brought a book, explaining his presence to the boys.  Big A and Little C were very excited to have their own little elf, although Little C REALLY wanted to snuggle Phineas and just didn’t understand why he couldn’t. […]

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  3. Phineas’s Adventures Part 2 « Wrong Way Dummy - November 29, 2012

    […] of them have been saying since the first night they met Phineas that he is so cute and they would love to snuggle […]

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