The Candy Fairy

1 Nov

Halloween is over.  My kids trick or treated 2 times, and got treats from school and daycare as well as Nana and Grandpa.  We have neighbors that give out entire treat bags to each kid.  Needless to say we ended up with enough sugar to fund our dentist’s new Summer home in the South of France.  Enter the Candy Fairy. 

It’s a simple way to keep the kids from candy overload, to keep Mommy from gaining 20 pounds post-Halloween and to teach the that too much of a good thing is not really a good thing.

After all the Halloween festivities have ended, my kids dump their loot on the table.  First we pick out all the stuff they don’t like- Atomic Fireballs, black licorice etc.  Once that is all pulled out, they choose their favorites and toss them in the “keep” bowl.  We try to make it even, 2 of each kind if it’s possible.  Maybe a few extra of a true favorite.  The kids decide how much they keep . . . might sound like a bad idea, but what they don’t keep the Candy Fairy buys from them!  She pays ten cents per piece of candy sold.  (or less if they don’t keep much, we wouldn’t want her to go broke!)

They leave all the candy they are selling in a pile on the kitchen table, and the next morning the candy is gone, but the Candy Fairy has left money in it’s place!  (don’t want to do money?  Previous years when the Candy Fairy’s funds were low because she got laid off, she left puzzles, books or Hot Wheels cars)

The kids love that they get some of their candy and get to make some fun money off of the extra.  This has taught my kids that they don’t NEED all that sugar- let’s face it, Mom isn’t going to let them eat it all anyway.  This year my kids decided to sell 56 pieces of candy, earning them $5 each.  That might seem steep to some, but I’d rather give them each a few $$$ that see their teeth rot, have sugar highs all the time, or worse yet, be begging and whining for candy all the time just because they know they have a stock pile of it!


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