Chunky Punkins

12 Oct

On the way home from work a few nights ago, I decided Big A and I needed to stop and get our pumpkins.  It’s a good thing we did because there weren’t nearly as many to choose from as previous years.  Big A and I decided to find the 4 largest pumpkins and bring them home to carve.  Boy, that was mistake number 1!  Did you know that the bigger the pumpkin, the thicker the walls of the pumpkin?  Well, I did not know that!

So Big A and I arrived home a little after 6 on a school night with the surprise pumpkins.  Naturally the boys wanted to carve them ASAP.  We chowed supper as fast as possible and set to work gutting the monster gourds.  The boys wanted to do a theme of favorite characters, and Hubby and I agreed that might be a fun change from the usual spooky and silly faces we always do.  Little C chose Spider Man, which was a surprise because right now everything is Curious George or at the very least monkeys.  Big A decided on Mario and I chose Hello Kitty.  We thought these would be simple faces to carve onto pumpkins . . .  mistake number 2.  There is nothing simple about carving spider webs into a giant monster pumpkin with 4 inch thick walls!

After 15 minutes of getting nowhere with trying to scrape the lines of the spider web into the pumpkin without carving all the way through, I had a brilliant idea: dremel.  For those of you who do not live with a hardware junkie, a dremel is a tool with a bunch of bits for many different uses.  Grinding, cutting etc.  VERY handy.  They probably weren’t designed with pumpkin carving in mind, but it was getting late and I was tired.  About 5 minutes of dremeling (no, that’s not a real word) and Spider Man was done, my hair was full of pumpkin ooze and the garage looked like a vegetable massacre had taken place in it.  Being that I was already covered in pumpkin guts, I took the tool to Hello Kitty as well.  My poor Hubby was still struggling with Mario’s mustache after I had busted out 2 pumpkins.  I have to give him credit though, because Big A drew Mario’s face and Hubby was desperately trying to keep the integrity of Big A’s drawing while carving the largest of the 4 pumpkins on steroids.

By the time he got to his own pumpkin, Hubby was sick of carving and opted for a run-of-the-mill Jack O Lantern face . . . but he used the dremel.  I do believe we will use that for all future pumpkin carving!

We did learn 2 VERY important lessons in this process though.  #1-The larger the pumpkin, that harder it is too carve.  #2-School nights are not designated for pumpkin carving.  We were up until well after 10pm carving and cleaning up our mess.














Happy Punkin Carving!


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