Halloween Decor DIYs

7 Oct

Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I love the spooky decorations, the candy, the cool Fall weather, dressing up in costumes . . . it’s just always been a fun time!  I try to make all of October be Halloween oriented for my family.  We do a few different Trick-or -Treats, Halloween crafts and watch Halloween movies.

This year I decided to go all out with my outdoor decorations.  We live in a culdusac so there aren’t a lot of passers by, but it’s fun to get into the spirit of the sppoky anyway.

I’m all about upcycling, being thrifty and thinking outside the box.  I created our Halloween scene for $3.  I’m totally not kidding.  Here’s how I did it:

Spooky Jack O Lantern Luminaries

These were super easy, in fact Big A did most of the work.  We started out with 2 Clorox wipes containers and a plastic Folgers coffee container.  Took off the lids and painted them orange.  When they were dry, Big A drew on a Jack O Lantern face and I cut it out using an Exacto knife.  Then we slit the backs of them, slid them over our solar powered garden lights and they were done!  If you don’t have garden lights, you can just stick little LED tea lights in them as well.  Total cost: $0

Wooden Headstones

For our graveyard I had Handy Hubby cut some headstones out of plywood we had left over from the tree house.  We painted them gray and Big A painted the words and pictures on the fronts with black craft paint.  Handy Hubby made some stakes and attached them to the grave stones, then pounded them into the ground.  I attached a cool little black raven to one of the headstones with wire.  He was at the dollar store and I couldn’t pass him up.  Total cost:$1


I really wanted to make those cool chicken wire ghosts that are all over Pinterest . . . but I didn’t have any chicken wire.  I found an old white bed skirt and pillow cases and decided those would work for ghosts.  I tore strips about half up all the around so the ghosts would flutter in the wind.  I stuffed their heads with plastic shopping bags and duct taped them onto old cheapo curtain rods we had sitting in the garage.  I tied the ghosts to the rods, stuck the rods into the ground, and spray pained faces onto their heads.  Easy peasy.  Total cost:$0

Spooky Spider Webs

No special trick to these, just went to the dollar store and bought 2 bags of spider webs and stuck them all over my lilac bushes.  We had an abundance of spiders and other creepy bugs from previous years, so the kids stuck those into my webs.  We tied some little white plastic baggy ghosts into the lilac bushes too.  Total cost $2

Everything else was decor from previous years that I added to the mix outside.  A light up ghost, 2 ceramic pumkin luminaries, a hanging ghost and a few hanging bats.  We also got our hands on a huge spool of caution tape, so  I added a bunch of that for fun too.

So there you have it . . . my $3 Halloween decorations!  It was fun to put together and it’s fun to have it out there, and it has inspired a bunch of our neighbors so now these little graveyards are popping up all over the culdusac!



2 Responses to “Halloween Decor DIYs”

  1. Marti October 8, 2012 at 1:40 am #

    I love that! I would love for you to post it at my SHOW-licious Sunday Craft Showcase! http://sewliciousdecor.wordpress.com.

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