Fall Mod Podge Style- Part 2-and a Table Runner

5 Oct

So I spent all those hours preserving leaves and hung a bunch in the windows.  But I really wanted to make some pretty luminaries for my table and use up some mason jars I had laying around.

My first attempt was an unsuccessful mess.  This is because I thought I could just coat the jar with mod podge and stick the leaves onto it.  No, no you cannot.  The leaves slide down, bend and sag and eventually fall off long before the mod podge has dried.

My second attempt was indeed a success.  I decided to try spray adhesive on the jars.  So I coated the entire jar with spray adhesive, then quickly arranged my leaves and pressed them into place.  I say quickly because spray adhesive dries REALLY fast.  You have mere minutes to stick the leaves on and don’t even try to move them once they are stuck- they will tear.

After the leaves were glued onto the jars, I coated the entire jar with mod podge, covering the leaves and all the open spaces as well.  I did this because the spray adhesive remains tacky even after it is dry, but the mod podge dries clear and is not tacky.  I did one coat over everything, let it dry in the sun for about 30 minutes, then coated the leaves 2 more times.

The spray adhesive gave the jars a cool frosted look, and when my LED tea lights are flickering away inside the jars, the light is more muted and glowy.  (yeah, I know glowy isn’t a word)

The leaves have held their color beautifully after being coated in the mod podge.

I was worried, I had no idea how this whole project was going to pan out . . . but I’m very happy with the results!  They really add a nice Fall touch to my decor, especially since I made a table runner and moved them onto the runner to display on my dining room table!


Table runner?  Oh yeah . . . it’s nothing magnificent, just the bottom half of a khaki colored linen curtain.  I had shorted some curtains a while back and kept the bottoms thinking some day I would have a use for them.  (Hubby worries I may become a hoarder!)

All I did was draw a primitive and very simple design on the fabric using colored permanent markers.  I did leaves and little shapes using the Fall colors in my leaf luminaries.  Best part?  The fabric is so thick that the marker didn’t bleed through, so I’m going to do a Winter design on the other side!  Then I have 2 table runners for the price of one.  Well, for the price of nothing really because I upcycled all my materials!  Score!


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