A Curious Kind of Party

17 Sep

My sweet Little C is 3 today!  Hard to believe, seems like only yesterday he was a teeny little baby!  We had his birthday party this past weekend and it was none other than a Curious George party.  Similar to last year, I had a difficult time finding Curious George party supplies.  We found some, but not enough for what I was going for.  And what do I always say?  What I cannot buy, I will make!  

No party is complete without decorations . . . and if you know me then you know I can’t just settle for plain ol balloons and streamers!  I need custom characters! 

Curious George, Gnicchi the kitty and Hudley the wiener dog from the PBS show Curious George, all taking balloon rides over the gift table.  Ours cats made this difficult because they really wanted to play with the string.  They tore it down a few dozen times . . . stinkers.

What monkey doesn’t like to hang from vines and swing from branch to branch?  George needed a good place to play, so here he is hanging from the curtain rod.  He looks so happy up there!



My final George was swinging from the deck banister, watching the kids play.  Little C likes all the characters so much that we hung them all in his room last night.  It’s beginning to look like a little jungle in there!






I really wanted to incorporate the famous yellow hat into the decor, so I made yellow hat silverware holders for the food table.  It’s just a yellow paper plate with a yellow paper cup hot glues to it, then I cut the bottom of the paper out with an exato knife.  I drew the black band on the hat using a permanent marker.  After the part, Little C and Big A were wearing them, without the forks and knives of course!


I even decorated the tree house for the party!  Balloons and streamers, nothing too fancy, but it was a beautiful day so we had the party outside.  Kept the mess from all kids outside instead of all over my house!





The shining jewel of the party decor was my monkey cake.  I spent hours decorating it and it turned out REALLY cute!  I used Nilla Wafers for the ears.  I bought REAL cake decorating tools for this one and I don’t think I will go back to using the aerosol cans of frosting, this was actually easier and way cheaper than buying the pre-colored canned frosting.  It turns out I’m not nearly as bad at decorating cakes as I always thought I was!



Little C had a wonderful birthday.  He loved all the decorations, the cake and the presents.  But I’m pretty sure the part of the day for him was just having fun with his friends and cousins!


Happy Birthday to my sweet little man!  He was 6 weeks early and it was a scary time, a lot of unknowns about his health.  When my beautiful boy was boron on 9/17/2009, he was the picture of health and beauty!  It’s been a wonderful and fun filled 3 years and so many more to look forward to!


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