Monkeys Hanging Around

4 Sep

Little C loves monkeys.  We have stuffed monkeys, monkey shirts, monkey pajamas and I’ve painted 2 Curious Georges on his bedroom wall.  I wanted to make something to hang from this plant hook that is in the ceiling above Little C’s bed.  The creative juices were flowing, and while at Walmart with the boys, I found some Barrel of Monkey games.  Hmmm . . . What to do with barrels of monkeys?  Aaha!  Monkey chandelier!

What you need:

  • lamp shade
  • spray paint
  • scissors
  • string or fishing line
  • small toys or shapes to hang (paper dolls, felt cut outs, plastic animals . . . the possibilities are ENDLESS!)

First thing you need to do is take the fabric cover off your lamp shade.  This is a pain in the ass!  They glue that crap on there REALLY well! I suggest cutting as close to the frame of lamp shade as possible and removing all the excess fabric first.  If the fabric isn’t pulling away from the wire frame, spray some baby oil or Goo Gone on it and let it sit a few minutes, then scrape it off with a knife or box opener.

Once all the fabric and glue is removed from the lamp shade frame, spray paint it with whatever color you want.

Wait several hours for the paint to completely dry.  Now comes the FUN part: tying on the monkeys! (or paper dolls or whatever you chose)

I used white craft string from the jewelery making section of the craft store, which was $2 for a huge spool.  It’s thin but pretty sturdy.  Tie the string to the lamp shade frame, then wrap it around an arm or neck of your creature.  If it’s paper or fabric, punch a hole it in and tie the string through the hole.  I hung one long string from the center and then one between each of the frame “poles”.  I didn’t want to make it hang so far down that Little C would be able to reach it if he stood on his bed, but if you are hanging some place higher that no children can reach, stringing something from the bottom pole would look really cool too!

When it’s finished, you have a cool custom “chandelier”!  Total cost for me was $2 for the string and $9 for the 2 Barrel of Monkeys games.  Not bad!



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