The Organized Lego Room

28 Aug

Big A’s bedroom was slowly being transitioned from Star Wars to Lego decor.  The problem with that is the Legos were EVERYWHERE!  There is no worse feeling than stepping on Legos with bare feet!  And never mind trying to find pieces when you actually want to build something!  They were all mixed up and dumped haphazardly into buckets.  With a little work and a LOT of time, I turned the chaos into a fun room to play in as well as a nice room to sleep in.

For starters, organizing Legos is a pain the butt!  It took hours of sorting, but now they are sorted by color, which i think is the best way to organize Legos.  Sort by color and put them in Rubbermaid drawers.  It took 2 sets of Rubbermaid drawers, but they are all sorted by color.  For the people and tiny little “headlights” and other miscellaneous pieces I sorted into a small Rubbermaid drawer.  

I put the Lego drawers under Big A’s loft, then set up what he refers to as his “office”.  This is a nice area for Big A to build with his Lego’s, keeps them off the floor, and everything is right he needs it.  A simple $5 desk lamp gives him extra light when he is building or drawing at his desk.

All the Lego instruction books were getting mangled as well, and very hard to keep track of tossed on his book shelf.  I put them all inside page protectors in a 3 ring binder.  Now when he is looking for the instructions to a specific set, he can just flip through the binder.  Bonus is that they are no longer getting stepped on and bent up!





I didn’t want to buy a bunch of Lego decor since the bedroom themes seem to change frequently around here.  Big A gets Lego magazine, so I tore a few  Lego Ninjago comic strips out of the magazine and put them in inexpensive frames and hung them on the wall.  Now if he finds a better Lego picture, or changes his theme all together, they are easily changed out



And since I love to paint, especially for my children, I painted 2 Lego Ninjago pictures for the wall as well.  I opted to do them on canvases instead of painting them right on the wall like I normally do.  Now we can rearrange his bedroom or change themes without having to repaint the whole room.

Now Big A has his Lego room as I promised, I have the organized room I wanted room . . . and it only cost $5 for the desk lamp!  I love redoing a room and not spending money!


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