Like Mother Like Son

20 Aug

You all know I’m crafty and artistic.  I love to make things, or find new uses for old stuff.  Well last night Big A proved yet again that he is very much his momma’s son.  He decided to make what he called a “fun hat”.  What is a fun hat?  I wasn’t sure either.  Apparently it can be one of many things, but his fun hat turned out to be VERY special and multi purpose!

He created the hat with hidden mechanics so that he could pour items in the top and they would drop out a flap in the bottom.  Genius!  So his fun hat is not only a fashion statement, but also a food dispenser!

Here is big A’s description of the Fun Hat:  It’s great for parties because you arrive in a party hat.  And it’s even greater for parties because you can give people treats right from your hat!  Crackers, candies, even chips . . . and then at home you can put like little balls in it, or maybe Legos and they can drop out when you need them.  Or you could put dog treats in there.”

What can I say?  My kid is a future engineer!


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