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I’m on Etsy!

30 Aug

Hello friends!  My new Etsy store Wrong Way Mommy is officially open for business!  I am selling custom paintings made to order and will be adding stock paintings for purchase as well.  If you like my art work I showcase on this blog, please check out my Etsy store!  Feel free to contact me if you have questions or if you would like to order a painting!  Thank you in advance!


The Organized Lego Room

28 Aug

Big A’s bedroom was slowly being transitioned from Star Wars to Lego decor.  The problem with that is the Legos were EVERYWHERE!  There is no worse feeling than stepping on Legos with bare feet!  And never mind trying to find pieces when you actually want to build something!  They were all mixed up and dumped haphazardly into buckets.  With a little work and a LOT of time, I turned the chaos into a fun room to play in as well as a nice room to sleep in.

For starters, organizing Legos is a pain the butt!  It took hours of sorting, but now they are sorted by color, which i think is the best way to organize Legos.  Sort by color and put them in Rubbermaid drawers.  It took 2 sets of Rubbermaid drawers, but they are all sorted by color.  For the people and tiny little “headlights” and other miscellaneous pieces I sorted into a small Rubbermaid drawer.  

I put the Lego drawers under Big A’s loft, then set up what he refers to as his “office”.  This is a nice area for Big A to build with his Lego’s, keeps them off the floor, and everything is right he needs it.  A simple $5 desk lamp gives him extra light when he is building or drawing at his desk.

All the Lego instruction books were getting mangled as well, and very hard to keep track of tossed on his book shelf.  I put them all inside page protectors in a 3 ring binder.  Now when he is looking for the instructions to a specific set, he can just flip through the binder.  Bonus is that they are no longer getting stepped on and bent up!





I didn’t want to buy a bunch of Lego decor since the bedroom themes seem to change frequently around here.  Big A gets Lego magazine, so I tore a few  Lego Ninjago comic strips out of the magazine and put them in inexpensive frames and hung them on the wall.  Now if he finds a better Lego picture, or changes his theme all together, they are easily changed out



And since I love to paint, especially for my children, I painted 2 Lego Ninjago pictures for the wall as well.  I opted to do them on canvases instead of painting them right on the wall like I normally do.  Now we can rearrange his bedroom or change themes without having to repaint the whole room.

Now Big A has his Lego room as I promised, I have the organized room I wanted room . . . and it only cost $5 for the desk lamp!  I love redoing a room and not spending money!

Front Yard Fishin

23 Aug

This dummy and my 2 boys have spent the week sick.  I mean coughing-our-heads-off-fever-sweats-chills-cannot-stay-awake-SICK.  Little C spent the latter part of our vacation unable to breath or stay awake.   I got sick Monday and spent the entire day in bed.  I suffered through 9 hours of work hacking up a lung the whole time (my coworkers all wanted to don hazmat suits)  Today Big A woke up coughing, but not nearly as bad as Little C and I have been.

So sicky Momma spent the day with a 2 yr old who is finally starting to feel better and a 7 yr old who is slightly under the weather.  We spent the entire portion of the day before 1pm in our pajamas watching movies I had ordered for Christmas gifts.  Thank goodness I’m an early shopper!  New movies saved the beginning of the day!

By 1:00 we were all a little tired of laying around, and by “we” I mean the boys because I would have been happy to just stay on the couch all day!  The boys weren’t quite ready for full on physical activity, so I got creative.  I needed a way to have them outside without having them running around like little nuts.  My solution was to turn our driveway into a fishing game!

We have a few old fishing poles in the garage that the boys love playing with, but they don’t have any fishing line in them.  I strung some yarn through them and tied magnets to the end of the yarn.  (if you don’t have fishing poles, dowels, sticks, or even a wooden spoon will work)

For fish, we cut several different sizes of fish shapes out of construction paper, then taped a metal washer where the fish’s eye should be.  (don’t have washers?  Use a paper clip)

The boys hopped in their wagon and had me pull them out to sea, they brought a basket on board to fill with their catch.

I drew some waves, a shark and a mermaid on the driveway around their “boat”.  Later they added a dock and some seas weed.

They spent hours fishing in the driveway, and I even had to fashion extra fishing poles as neighbor kids came over to join in the game!

Go Ninjago!

22 Aug

I’ve been working on minor redecorating in Big A’s room the past few weeks.  Moving all the Legos into his room, framing Ninjago comics to hang on the walls, and  . . .sob sniffle . . . painting over Darth Vader to make room for the Green Ninja.  If there is one thing I hate, it’s painting over one my beloved works of art!  But, out with the old and in with the new!

Meet the Green Ninja!

I’m not really what is so special about the green one, but he is Big A’s favorite.  It’s a pretty big space on the wall, so Mr Green will soon be joined by his blue friend.



Like Mother Like Son

20 Aug

You all know I’m crafty and artistic.  I love to make things, or find new uses for old stuff.  Well last night Big A proved yet again that he is very much his momma’s son.  He decided to make what he called a “fun hat”.  What is a fun hat?  I wasn’t sure either.  Apparently it can be one of many things, but his fun hat turned out to be VERY special and multi purpose!

He created the hat with hidden mechanics so that he could pour items in the top and they would drop out a flap in the bottom.  Genius!  So his fun hat is not only a fashion statement, but also a food dispenser!

Here is big A’s description of the Fun Hat:  It’s great for parties because you arrive in a party hat.  And it’s even greater for parties because you can give people treats right from your hat!  Crackers, candies, even chips . . . and then at home you can put like little balls in it, or maybe Legos and they can drop out when you need them.  Or you could put dog treats in there.”

What can I say?  My kid is a future engineer!

A Lesson in Courage-Taught by my 7 Year Old

15 Aug

We are on a lovely week long vacation with my siblings and all my nieces and nephews at a HUGE water park resort.  We’ve been having a great time in wave pools and water slides and arcades . . .oh my!  (dork)  Yesterday Big A wanted to try out the new ropes course at the 3 story arcade.  I was all for it, something new and different, right?

did I mention 3 stories high?  Um, yeah . . . you are tethered via rock climbing gear to a track and you walk along tight ropes and rope bridges . . . 3 stories above the rest of the arcade.  I’m afraid of heights.

We get hooked up, the guy goes over the rules and explains that there is no possible way we can plummet to our death.  So lets get started!

Big A was having a blast!  He felt like Spider Man, climbing above the video games and hopping across the “log” bridges.  Me?  I was clinging for my life to an iron pole and shaking like a Chihuahua!

A guide came along and asked if I was stuck, I told him I wasn’t physically stuck, but mentally I was.  I was on the verge of a full fledged panic attack!  He took my hand and guided me over a scary bridge and back to my son, who was grinning from ear to ear.

As I’m thinking of going back and admitting defeat, I hear a sweet little voice from in front of me . . .”Come on Mommy!  You are doing great!  Just look at me, don’t look down!  I’m proud of you, Mommy!”  Now who can chicken out after those encouraging words from their child?

I finished the ropes course, with Big A cheering me on the whole way.  Lesson learned . . . conquer your fears.  Even if you are scared, remember why you wanted to do it in the first place and don’t let that little voice inside your head keep you from doing what you set out to do.

At the end of the course, Big A gave me a huge hug and told me one more time “I’m proud of you Mommy.”

Super Kids No Sew Cape

5 Aug

Able to make messes by just entering a room . . . super hearing unless their parents are speaking to them . . .  look!  Out in the playground!  It’s SUPER KID!

What you need:

  • adult t-shirt
  • hot glue gun
  • felt
  • scissors
  • permanent marker

Lay the t-shirt out on a flat surface and cut along the side folds.  When you get to the sleeve, cut along the sleeve seam and along the shoulder seam, leaving the neck in tact.

Next, cut around the neck seam, this will be your “head hole”.

Draw your design on the felt using permanent marker, cut it out and hot glue it to the back of the cape.  I did the boys’ initials, but you can do whatever you want.

For the mask, I traced a pair of adult sunglasses to get the basic shape on the felt.

Hot glue string or elastic to the sides so they can be worn.  I added their initials to the top of the masks as well, but they are a little floppy, so gluing them to cardboard first would be a good idea.

The whole process takes about 30-45 minutes, depending on how much detail you are adding to your cape and mask.  I had to make 2, so it took me a little longer.





































****UPDATE***** I took the boys grocery shopping today and they wore their capes!  We got a lot of nice compliments, a few giggles and the boys REALLY enjoyed showing off their capes!  I had to wash them today because they wore them outside and got them pretty muddy.  If/when you need to wash your super hero’s cape, wash it on a cold setting and hang it dry.  DO NOT put it in the dryer/1  This will shrink the felt and may melt the glue as well.