Oh OW!

25 Jul

I got a call today at work that no mother EVER wants to get!  My Little C had fallen and busted his head open on the corner of the wall!  After 2ish hours at the ER he was stapled back together and sent on his not-so-merry way.  He screamed like you wouldn’t believe when the doctor stapled his head, and just as I was getting him calmed down she came back in and announced that she didn’t like the way the bottom 2 staples looked . . . so she needed to take them out and do them again!  Oh my poor little peanut!  He was not a happy camper about having it done again!

After the ordeal the nurse offered him stickers, but he told her he didn’t like stickers.  So she offered him a Popsicle, which he took but refused to eat.  I suppose he figured it was tainted with what a child of 2 could only assume was the glee the doctor found in hurting him.

I must say he is in pretty high spirits for now . . .but I’m not looking forward to bed time when he tries to lay on his tender little noggin!

This was Little C’s 3rd time to the ER in a year, his 2nd time for head trauma.  He is my danger child.  He seeks it out, or it seeks him out, I’m not sure which.  Heaven help us both for when he gets older and starts skate boarding or something!

This brings me to a not so DIY, but VERY important parenting post.  Kids get hurt, it’s a fact of life.  Cuts, scrapes, bumps and bruises . . . many of which cannot even avoided.  Little C simply slipped and fell, he wasn’t messing around or rough housing or jumping off furniture.  So how do we prevent our kids from getting hurt?  And what do we do if and when they get hurt even when we are being as safety conscious as possible?


  • always make you child wear a helmet when they are biking, skate boarding, riding a scooter or roller skating.  Thousands of kids go to the hospital daily for head injuries that could have been avoided if they’d worn a helmet.  Elbow, knee and wrist guards are a good rule as well, especially if they are new to the wheels they are riding.
  • If your child plays sports, make sure he or she stretches properly before every practice or game.  Make sure all safety equipment and pads fit properly and are not cracked or falling apart.
  • Do not allow children to run near pools or other wet surfaces.  If you child has been swimming they need to dry off before entering a garage where they may slip with wet feet, or a house where linoleum will also become slippery.  Never allow diving in shallow water or rough play in or near a pool.  Make sure you supervise children while in or near water at all times.  Even good swimmers can get tired or swim out too far and be unable to swim back.  Even if your child is wearing inflatable swim aids, this does not prevent drowning all together.
  • When playing on a playground or swing set, always stay right by your child.  Never allow them to climb to a point too high for their age and abilities and aid them in going up ladders and other climbing areas.  Falls are the number one reason kids go to the hospital.  Make sure playground equipment is safe and sturdy and report any that needs repair immediately.
  • Being Summer, and being a record setting HOT Summer, many kids are going to the hospital with heat related illnesses.   When playing outside, make sure children stay hydrated and take plenty of breaks from running etc.  Play in shaded areas and apply sunscreen often to prevent sunburn.  If your child becomes dizzy, nauseated, lethargic or complains of a headache get them out of the sun and call your doctor right away.

Post-Injury Care

  • head injuries- if there is blood, dizziness, vomiting, dilated pupils, fatigue or confusion seek medical attention immediately.   If it is just a bump or scrape, apply ice and keep an eye on the child, but always call your doctor after a head injury.
  • sunburn-if your child gets sunburn, apply a cooling lotion like aloe vera to the burn.  Give them a cool bath or apply cool tea soaked rags to the burn.  Call your doctor if they blister, swell or become physically ill.

This is the best advice I can give you . . .but always ALWAYS follow your gut.  You know your child better than anyone, so you know if they seem out of sorts after an injury.  Never  second guess yourself.  If you are unsure, call you doctor.  Don’t wait.



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