Painted Houses

17 Jul

Today it was well over 100 degrees outside . . . AGAIN!  This momma just cannot handle the kind of heat we’ve been experiencing over the past several weeks.  But I also cannot spend every day all day long making fancy projects for my kids when they are bored.  Once in a while I need to cheat a little.  I had to buy some new paints for myself and told the boys they could pick out a project to do today.  A lazy craft, if you will.  They passed up all the common kid pleasers- Crayola coloring items, paint by number, clay, beads . . . They knew what they were looking for and so did I.  Birdhouses.  My kids love to paint and decorate birdhouses!

We actually ended up with these really cute little wooden castles, not for birds, but maybe for decor or something else.  The boys were so excited to paint their castles and move some little characters in!  I was excited because this project required nothing of me at all!  (even crafty moms need a day off from DIY-ing once in a while!)

I have to say that the boys had a blast painting their castles and making them unique.  Little C was going a rainbow theme .  I’m pretty sure he used one of every color we had!

Big A was going for a themed look.  He painted scenery on 2 sides for added fun when he plays with his castle.















He has a happy, sunny side with mountains and green grass . . . And a scary “evil” side with clouds, lightening and even a tornado!


All in all, I feel like lazy-mom’s-craft-day was a success!


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