DIY Butterfly Feeder

14 Jul

My kids and I love butterflies.  We’ve ordered many sets of larvae for our Bugville habitat and watched them grow and change into butterflies, and set them free in our backyard.  I even have a butterfly tattoo!  So when Big A asked if we could make a butterfly feeder for the deck so we could watch them all the time of course I said yes!

It’s VERY easy to make your own butterfly feeder, and while it will attract a few other types of insects and a curious squirrel or two, it’s a very cool thing to make!

What you need:

  • very shallow bowl, plate, ice cream bucket lid or the base for a flower pot
  • sugar
  • water
  • rocks
  • flowers or other vegetation

Start by boiling a few table spoons of sugar in enough water to cover the bottom of your feeder.  No more than in inch of water should stand in the bottom.

When the sugar has fully dissolved in the water, remove from heat and let cool completely.   Pour the mixture into your feeder and place rocks in the bottom.  This will be where your butterflies sit while they eat, so make sure they are large enough that they are not submerged in the water.  If a butterfly gets it’s wings wet, it cannot fly until they are dry again, it will be forced to sit out in the open unable to fly, making it prey to birds.

Adorn your feeder with flowers or other plants to help camouflage them while they eat, and to show them that there is good food in the feeder.  Butterflies are attracted to bright colors, flowers and sweet nectar.

Place the feeder up of the ground as butterflies do not walk when looking for food, they fly.  (duh, right?)

I must tell you that your feeder will attract ants.  Don’t be surprises when there are ants!  It may also attract bees, so keep it away from open windows or doorways unless you want bees in your house!

You will need to change the solution every few days, similar to watering your plants or giving your pet fresh water.  Butterflies don’t want old water!

Sit back and enjoy your new butterfly friends!


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