Stained Glass Art

11 Jul

Sometimes you have look beyond the crayon box for art supplies.  That is one lesson I learned years ago, and once you figure that out you can take your creativity so far!

With that in mind, I give you Stained Glass Art.  Not REALLY stained glass, but has the illusion of stained glass when hung in a window or held up to the light.  It has just the right amount of messiness to keep my kids interested!

What you need:

  • construction paper
  • Qtips
  • cooking or baby oil

Cut your paper (if desired) into a shape, any shape you want.  Dip the Qtip into the oil and paint on the paper.  The thicker the oil is on the paper the better effect you get, so we were dipping after every stroke.  Hang in a window or tape over a light fixture (one that doesn’t get hot, I don’t want to sued for your house burning down!) and enjoy!

See?  Easy peasy!

I know, Big A looks totally unenthusiastic here, but that’s about a second before he grinned, I guess I took the picture too fast!












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