Chore Cards

10 Jul

It’s Summer and the kids want to be going, going, going all the time.  Children’s museums, water parks, the zoo, amusement parks . . .I could go broke doing all that stuff!  And not just that, but they make more messes over the Summer being home all day every day than they do during the school year! But even when school is in session, I want my kids to have responsibilities and do their part around the house.  When I was a kid, my mom would leave a list of things for my siblings and I to get done.  We got an allowance, but we had to do chores.

In an effort to get my kids to help out a little more around the house AND earn some spending money at the same time, I’ve created “chore cards.”  It’s very simple- they pick a card from the envelope, do the chore listed on it, and earn the amount of money I’ve assigned to that particular chore.  Each chore has a dollar amount listed on the card based on difficulty.  For instance: Clean up dog poop=$1  setting the table=$0.10.

Need some chore ideas for your kids?  Here are some of the chores  used on my chore cards.

  • sweep garage
  • sweep kitchen
  • dust
  • wipe down bathroom counters
  • vacuum living room
  • read to Little C
  • rake leaves
  • pick up trash in yard
  • put away your own laundry
  • wash windows (that is one Big A’s favorite chores!)
  • Help shovel snow
  • clean up dishes after meals
  • help cook supper



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