TP Bird Feeder

9 Jul

I’m sure you’ve all made the tp tube bird feeder in boy scouts, girl scouts, school or camp.  But for those few people who never did . . .  Guess what WE made today?  Yes, that’s right!  A tp tube bird feeder!

We had already gone to the doctor, the library, and played in the sandbox and my kids were STILL fighting and just being sassy in general.  Nothing gets their attention better than a fun craft.  And what we love about this particular project is that it’s recycling, it’s a little messy and they can watch the birds eating the tasty snack we’ve made!

What you need:

  • tp tube
  • peanut butter
  • yarn or string
  • bird seed

Spread peanut butter all over your tp tube.  Not too thick, but thick enough that the seeds will stick.  Next, roll your peanut buttered tp tube in bird seed, covering all of of the peanut butter.  Stick your yarn/string through one end and out the other and tie in a knot at the top.  Hang from a branch in a nearby tree and enjoy watching your feathered friends snack!


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