DIY Workout Shirt

9 Jul


Everyone has a good hundred and seventy four t-shirts in their drawers.  You start a new job-get a shirt.  You buy a cell phone get a shirt.  You run/walk a race get a shirt.  You go on vacation get 17 shirts as souvenirs because you think you will actually wear a “I Rode the Rhino-whale-a-saurus at Wonky World” t-shirt.  And then they sit in your drawer forever.

What you will ACTUALLY wear is a workout tank with the wonky saurus thingy on it!  You can recycle your old t-shirts into fun, airy workout tops for FREE (we all love free) and with no sewing!  (bonus points for no sewing!)

What you need:

  • over size t-shirt
  • scissors
  • glue gun


Start out by cutting the sleeves and neck off the t-shirt.  Cut in about 1 inch or a little more to make the holes a little larger.







Next, flip your t-shirt over and cut 2 slits so that there is a strip of fabric down the middle.  Don’t cut all the way to the bottom!  Just about 1/2 way down the shirt.




After you make the center strip, cut across from the right corner of the strip to the arm hole and from the left side of the strip to the arm hole.  This will create flaps.  I know it looks wacky, but stick with me!  Take the 3 flaps and braid them, then glue the 2 ends to the enter piece at the bottom.








Now cut 3 small pieces of t-shirt scrap and wrap them around the base of the braid, gluing at the inside.  Do the same for the straps at the front.

Suggestion: When gluing the fabric to wrap the straps, make sure you aren’t wearing the tank top like I was.  I wrapped it around the top I was already wearing and glued it shut . . .so the workout top was pretty much glued to my shirt!  DUH!








Once that whole embarrassing debacle was taken of . . .I had a really cute upcycled t-shirt workout top!



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