Mural Monday

11 Jun

Happy Mural Monday folks!  Technically, it’s still Sunday, but I work 10 hours tomorrow so you are getting your Mural Monday a few hours early.

Remember that cute little character Big A loved so much when he was 2 named  Wubbzy?  Well at that time Little C was just a glimmer in my eye, so we had an extra room in our house and hadn’t built the playroom yet.  Big A wanted a Wubbzy playroom, so that is what Big A got!  And since there was yet to be any Wubbzy merchandise on the market, he had to settle for a mommy mural!

Here are Daisy and Wubbzy playing with a chirp chirp (what we non-Wubbzy-a-holics would refer to as a BIRD) Big A was so excited when Daisy moved in next door to Wubbzy on the show, that he requested I add her to the mural.  Originally, it was just Wubbzy.

This pink bunny looking creature is Wubbzy’s handy friend, Widget.  She fixes and build crazy contraptions that Wubbzy usually breaks.  Big A liked her because she was always building robots.  I know it may look a little girly, being that one is pink and the other is wearing pink, but it’s what my boy wanted!  And, since I am not afraid to show you my failed attempts as well as my triumphs, here is Walden.  He’s sort of lumpy, maybe he the mumps the day I painted him.  Walden is Wubbzy’s bookworm friend who speaks with a weird not quite British yet not quite Australian accent.  Big A, being 2 and not really have an eye for great art, loved them all.

There you have it, another Mural Monday!  Have a great week!


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