Sunburn Help

9 Jun

My neighborhood garage sale was today, so I spent about 8 hours sitting in my driveway . . . and now I look like the tanorexic people of Jersey Shore sans make up . . .or Mr Krabs.  Ow!  And the rotten part is the sale goes tomorrow too!  You can believe tomorrow I will be sitting IN the garage, especially since it’s going to be in the 90s.  I do not need another day of sun!

But what to do about this awful sunburn?  Here’s a trick to keep in the memory box for those long beach days, folks.  Aside from the obvious tools to help sunburn-aloe, soothing lotions, cool baths- ever try tea?  Yes, tea, as in the stuff you drink.

Toss 4-6 herbal tea bags in a bowl of cold water, microwave about 30 seconds so it’s still cool but the tea is saturating out of the bags, soak some old rags, and I say old because they may stain from the tea, and apply directly to the burned areas.  Whole body scorched?   Toss 6-8 tea bags in a cool tub and sit in it for 30 minutes.  The goodies in that tea will help speed up the healing process, cool the burn and sooth away itching.

And next time, wear sunscreen, says the lobster lady behind the computer.



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    […] child gets sunburn, apply a cooling lotion like aloe vera to the burn.  Give them a cool bath or apply cool tea soaked rags to the burn.  Call your doctor if they blister, swell or become physically […]

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