Mural Monday!

28 May

Happy Memorial Day!  And Happy Mural Monday to you all!  In honor of this wonderful holiday in which we remember all the soldiers lost, I’m doing my most patriotic mural.  Ok, it’s not an America flag and it’s not a scene from a famous battle, but it’s the next best thing: A space shuttle!

When we bought our house, I wanted to give Big A a Big Boy room so he could transition out of his crib and into a big bed.  I bought this adorable outer space bedding and told him it could only go in the big bed.  He was VERY excited about the new bedding and didn’t want to be in his crib for much longer.  Granted, once he moved into the big bed we didn’t sleep a full night for 3 years!

I spent a lot of time on my space shuttle, which started out looking like a flying dolphin.  I’d never done a shuttle before, and while it’s not perfect, it was loved on his wall for 4 years until we switched to Star Wars.

In the far left corner there was a moon that glowed in the dark, but I don’t have a shot of that.

Hope you enjoyed my 2nd installment of Mural Monday, and stay tuned because there are many more to come!

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!



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