Mural Monday!

21 May

This is my first of several installments of Mural Monday!  I paint a LOT and just love to toot my horn, so I thought Mondays for the next several weeks should be designated to show off my murals.  All of them are children’s characters or scenes, and all of them have been done for my kids.  I always tell Handy Hubby if we had more open wall space I would be able to paint more murals!

This week I am going to showcase for you the very first mural I ever did for Big A.  I had to get special permission from our landlord at the time to paint in Big A’s bedroom.  I decided on the Jungle Book as a theme and ran with it.  Weeks of meticulous painting and a lot of paint later my little man had an adorable Jungle Book themed bedroom!  I still miss that wall, I have wished we could take the whole wall with us when we moved out!

I’m sure if you’ve seen the Jungle Book, you know who King Louie is!  He’s the crazy king of the monkeys who wants the mancub to live with him and teach him all of man’s tricks.

I painted him dancing because the musical number her does in the movie is really cute!


Next we have Balloo the bear.  He’s the loveable bear who befriends the mancub and takes him in when he doesn’t have anywhere else to go.  I have to admit, he came out a little lumpy and thick in the middle . . .but he’s a bear, they hold a lot of weight in their tummies!










And my personal favorite . . .Shere Khan the tiger!  In the stories, Shere Khan is a bad guy, hunting the mancub and wanting to kill him.  But that is too scary for a 1 yr old, so I painted Shere Khan happily laying in the grass.  This is maybe Shere Khan’s alter ego!  Big A would walk over to Shere Khan and pet the wall . . .”Nice kitty!  Nice kitty!”  Ha ha! 

So there you have it, my first mural for my first son!  Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!  Stay tuned for Mural Monday for the next few weeks as I highlight my work and toot my own horn!  Toot toot!


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