Chandelier Revamp

16 May

When we bought our house 5 years ago, we painted every room.  After renting for what seemed like FOREVER, I couldn’t look at another “rental regulation white” wall!  Booooriiiiing!  But along with the typical white walls of rentals are the cheap and hideous brass chandeliers that have hung in every place I’ve rented ever.  You know the ones . . .bright brass, 5 lights with frosted glass domes.  Well much to my dismay, these are not only rental regulation chandeliers, but apparently also builder regulation because they are cheap.  Sigh.  So I was going to have to keep looking at this ugly light, or buy a new one.  Except if I bought a new one for the dining room, I would need all new fixtures for the kitchen and hallway too because those were all that bright brass I loathe. 

With the thought of spending hundreds of dollars on new light fixtures keeping me up late at night because I’m dreadfully cheap, I turned to an old and very dear friend of mine: Spray Paint.

Yes, Spray Paint and I have come to love each other over the years.  Refinishing ugly tables, picture frames, old bikes . . .and now shiny brass light fixtures.

Before painting the light, I had to clean it REALLY well.  They get dusty and paint won’t stick to dust.  After cleaning the light and removing the glass domes and light bulbs, lay it on cardboard on the driveway or some place that is well ventilated.  No need to get a buzz off the fumes!

You need a spray primer, I used automotive primer.  But any primer for metal will do.  Spray evenly over the fixture and let dry several hours.  After the primer is dry, take sandpaper to any drips and smooth them out.  Of course, I NEVER make drips when I paint.  Wink wink.

Once the primer is dry and any drips are gone, spray paint the fixture with your desired color and sheen of paint.  I used a textured black, which gave the light the look of being wrought iron.  Leave it to dry a few hours, sand out any drips again, and touch up any areas where the paint didn’t hit.

When your touch ups are dry, put the bulbs and domes back on, hang your fixture, and enjoy the fact that for around $10 you got a brand new light that looks like you spent hundreds! 

Since the chandelier turned out so friggin awesome, I did all the lights in the kitchen and hall to match.










Tee hee . . .that last one is what I refer to as the “nipple light”.


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