Recycled Bouquet

13 May

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there!  Mother’s Day is a favorite of mine because we don’t have the kids buy something, we’d rather let the make something for mothers/father’s day.  It’s so cute and they are always so proud!  Little C is only 2 though, so I have a hard time coming up with crafts that he can do and that don’t take more than a few minutes because he has the attention of a . . .well, a 2 year old!

So today before going to Nana’s house, we did a cute little craft that took VERY little time.  It was super easy and really cute!  All you need are a few toilet paper tubes, glue, fabric or cardstock,  straws or pipe cleaners, and paint. 

First I cut the paper tubes the short way, making “petals”.  Then I glued 5 of them together in the center to make the flower.

The kids painted the flower petals and let them dry.  We were outside so they dried in a few minutes.

Nest we glued fabric circles in the center of the flowers.

Finally, we glued straws to them for the stems.  We had an adorable little flower bouquet for Nana that won’t die and it was made by her grandson!


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