Recycled Board Books

13 May

We have a TON of books at our house.  The kids love to read, Handy Hubby and I both love to read . . . but books, sadly don’t last forever.  It seems a crime to me to throw them away.  We have so many kid’s books that are falling apart from years of being read, stepped on and used as car tunnels.  I was cleaning off the book shelves on day and found several board books that were falling apart, missing the “lift the flap” flaps or had just been outgrown.  Big A loves to make his own books, so I re-purposed the old, tired board books for him to use when he wants to write and illustrate a story.

You need board books, mod podge, and heavy drawing or water color paper. 

Spread a thin layer of mod podge on each page, then stick the paper on and rub out the bubbles.  It may curl a little as the mod podge dries.  I did 2 layers of paper because the books I was using were really colorful and I didn’t want the old pages showing through the new ones. 

Let them dry for about 24 hours before you draw or paint in them.  If you plan to paint, I highly recommend using water color paper.


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