Living Room Redo Part 3

7 May

The final chapter in the epic tale of taking my friend’s living room from blah to beachy fabulous!

The whole room was white, which didn’t scream comforting and serene.  To give it some color we painted the wall with the fireplace on it a lovely shade of green called Celery Sprig.  It’s actually the color I used in my kitchen update, so no cost there because we used the left over paint!  We left the part of the wall that pops out with the fireplace white so it would be he main focus of the room and stand out against the green.  Lucky for them we had JUST enough of the green paint to do that one wall!

My friend wanted some beachy art but didn’t want to buy any because she was trying to keep her costs down.  While at a craft store we found some great square canvas 2 packs that were buy one pack get one pack free.  So for $10 she got 4 canvases and then told me to do some beachy abstract type paintings for her.  This was my favorite part of the whole process because I got to really get creative!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The book shelves flank each window and then have 2 canvases hanging over them.

So there you have it, the beachy living room redo!  Now she wants me to do her kid’s room!  That will be even more fun!


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