Living Room Redo Part 2

5 May

In part 1 I featured a drab to fab mirror refurbish as well as end table refurbs.  In part 2, things get spectacular!

This is my friend’s antique cedar chest.  She loves it, didn’t want to get rid of it, but as you can see it was in rough shape!  The top is after we sanded it down, but the front shows what a mess it was to begin with.  Since we were going for a beachy feel, she wanted all the wood to be painted white.  For the cedar chest, I sanded the crap out of it, then panted it white.  She really wanted a window seat, but is an effort to keep costs low I suggested we use the cedar chest as a window seat-added bonus?  Storage for her kid’s toys!

We found a beige curtain for $2 at a thrift store, bought some foam batting and used two of my favorite tools- spray adhesive and a staple gun!  If I ever find a hot pink staple gun I will be in heaven!

I upholster the chest, I cut the batting to fit the top, then used the spray adhesive to hold the batting place.  You don’t want it sliding around when you are sitting on it!Moe on

Next, I measured the top, adding about 2 inches on each side for tucking under the lid and stapling.  I cut the fabric, and with the help of my friend, stapled it in place under the lid while she pulled it taught.  You NEED to pull the fabric so that it doesn’t bunch or wrinkle when being sat on.  But don’t pull to hard because then it will rip around the staples.  She found some fabulous pillows for the window seat that I really want steal from her at Bog Lots.  Each of the large pillows was $12 and the small one was $8!  What a steal!  And those bamboo shades on the windows were $7 each at Big Lots as well!  (not real bamboo . . .but they look the part!)  We flanked the window seat with a set of lack luster Walmart bookshelves we painted white.  More on those in Part 3!

Total cost to turn an old, sad cedar chest into a cozy window seat- $44 including pillows!  Woot!

I think the kids are enjoying it!


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