DIY Built-In Shelving

29 Apr

Last winter Handy Hubby and I spent 8 weeks tearing out a hallway and closet to make a tiny, useless room into a wonderful playroom.  After the room was built the issue was how and where to store all the toys!  I had wanted four shelves bracketed to the wall for all the games and a tv.  After looking at the shelves and the wall mount brackets, we realized the shelving unit was going to cost over $100 . . . and it only cost us $300 to do the whole room . . . including the floor!

We had a really nice oak book shelf in there already, so I came up with the idea to make built-in shelving using the existing oak shelf and the walls.

We bough two long shelves and Handy Hubby cut them in half to make 4 smaller shelves.  He fasted the short shelves to the wall and the existing bookshelf, creating a built-in shelving system for all the toys, games and books!  And it’s incredibly sturdy as it is screwed into the studs in the walls and the oak shelf!  So even if Little C decides to climb the shelves Godzilla style, those shelves aren’t going anywhere!  Total cost: $10 for the 2 long shelves!  That’s pretty good for a built-in system!

Pardon the mess, but we have a lot of toys and I’d much rather they be on those shelves than all over the floor!  (not the 2 storage cubes on the bottom left side of the photo . . . if you missed the post on how to make those, click here


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